06th Mar

Makeup Artist Must Haves: Part 1

As a freelance makeup artist, I use a ton of different products to achieve a variety of looks, but rely on a few core mainstays that make my life way easier! Here’s part one of a two-part series on the items I can’t live without and would cry if I forgot to pack in my kit! 1. Z […]

04th Mar

Smoky Eye Tutorial for Hooded Eyes

Where ma hood at?! And by that, I mean my hooded eye babes! This particular eye shape is quite common and some of the most beautiful women have hooded eyes. Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence and Giselle Bundchen, just to name a few! If you have a hooded eye shape, it means that your eyelid is tucked under your […]

03rd Mar

Favorite Concealers

I realized I’ve never done a proper concealer roundup for you guys and I feel super shameful about it. It’s a staple of any makeup routine and how rude of me not to tell you which are super legit! These are just some of my personal favorite concealers. I’ll break them down by type below the photo! […]

02nd Mar

Fuchsia Makeup Tutorial

When the Des Moines Art Center asked if I would help inspire attendees of the fourth annual HUE party to wear fuchsia makeup, I thought, “gosh, fuchsia? I don’t know…” Ha! Kidding! I was like “Duh! I bleed fuchsia!” After all, the Wake Up For Makeup logo itself has fuchsia in it! The Des Moines Art […]

28th Feb

Behind the Bride: Kelly

As a makeup artist, being a part of someone’s wedding day is an immense honor. My #1  goal is always to make the bride feel prettier than she’s ever felt. I don’t think that’s too much to ask! While I’m driving to the wedding site, I even say a special makeup artist prayer. When the […]

27th Feb
Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.45.31 AM

Paula’s Choice Skincare Review

Choosing the right products for your skincare routine is much like walking into a shoe store. There are tons of choices, different shoes for different purposes and events. Some shoes are your basic, everyday work staples, but others are your lust-worthy, impractical stilettos, reserved only for the fiercest of nights out. With the skincare market […]

24th Feb

Red Carpet Look

Because makeup is an art form, and my favorite one at that, I often find inspiration in non-makeup things. When my good friend Kelly of the drool-worthy blog, A Sparkle Affair, posted this holy-crap art deco ring, I loved it so much and knew it would inspire some red carpet-worthy makeup! I will never walk a […]

21st Feb

Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

If you’ve ever thought, “with all the technological advancements we’ve made, why can’t someone just look at a picture of my face and make a damn foundation for me?!” Enter Prescriptives. Laying down those fat custom blends since 1979. Depending on your age, you may remember Prescriptives in the beauty counter environment. They have since exited […]

17th Feb

Cream Contouring with Beauty Junkees Brushes

Hello my lovely little frendz! I have a double-for-your-money post today. A two-fer. It’s both a cream contouring tutorial plus a review and intro to a new line of brushes I recently tried and liked. Oh wait-maybe it’s a 3-fer because I have a giveaway too! Anyways, read on por favor. Looking forward to spring beauty […]

12th Feb

Galentine’s Day Tutorial

Wise words from the honorable Leslie Knope. If you’re more into celebrating your dolls vs. your dudes, this look is for you. It’s all about femininity, fun and all the makeup details guys aren’t a super fan of. Brow game? Strong. Liner? Winged to high heaven. Lips? Fierce fuchsia. Check out the video tutorial, ya little […]

11th Feb

Easy, Fast, Polished Bun Tutorial

So either Hell has indeed frozen over or I’m posting a hair tutorial. I realized that while makeup is absolutely my comfort zone and place to shine, hair is far outside my comfort zone. I love trusting my hair to someone else, someone talented. I’m not good at doing hair because to me, it’s very […]

09th Feb

Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts

Girls! What do we want? We want calorie-free gifts for Valentine’s Day but no less delicious. We don’t want to worry about grams of sugar but we want something yum. We want to have our cake and eat it too. We run this mother. These Valentine’s Day gifts are sweeter than any box of mystery […]

09th Feb

2015 Grammys Beauty Trends

The Grammys are typically an event where literally anything goes. Anything can mean hairstyles that would require a baggage fee at any major airport, making grand entrances from eggs and showing off one’s butt in a non-subtle way. Always lots of butts. Amongst all the looks this year, 3 beauty trends really stood out to me the strongest. […]

08th Feb

A Dozen Roses

Call me unromantic but I’m not hoping for a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day. While roses are beautiful, they die, shed petals and let’s not even go into the havoc that our two mental cats impose on them. I just can’t have flowers around the house and I’ve accepted that. Plus, I’d rather have a beauty product […]

06th Feb

Kim Kardashian Inspired Look

I have certainly never aspired to be a Kardashian. I do not keep up with them. I honestly don’t know if they’re serious 90% of the time. All that being said, it cannot be denied that Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman with impeccable makeup. Her main man, Mario Dedivanovic, or @makeupbymario as he is […]