30th Sep

Yes-You Can Sell Used Makeup!

Do you have a makeup graveyard? It’s that sad little wasteland of products you used once, or in some cases, never. It’s the blush you went on a few dates with, thought you really liked, but now he/she just doesn’t do it for you. It’s the of-the-moment, must-have palette hottie you had to grab before they were all gone, then […]

27th Sep

Billion Dollar Brows Review

Go grab a mirror. Look at your eyebrows. If someone were to offer you money for them, how much would you say is fair? $100? $1000? $1 million? Certainly not 1 billion, right?! Well, that’s all about to change. I got to review a brand that was totally new to me-Billion Dollar Brows. Y’all know […]

27th Sep

bareMinerals 6 Steps to Gorgeous

Those that know me well probably choked on their coffee when they saw ‘bareMinerals’ in the title. While I’m not a huge fan of the mineral powder foundation, bareMinerals still makes some pretty great products beyond that dirty-feeling powder. The bareMinerals 6 Steps to Gorgeous set is a great deal for 6 products-3 being full-size versions! I’ll break […]

26th Sep

S’mores Inspired Fall Look

When it comes to Fall makeup inspiration, there’s all the usual suspects: pumpkin spice lattes, cranberry sauce, the changing leaves. But, let’s not overlook the delicious bonfire treat – s’mores! With their neutral palette of chocolate, tan and vanilla, they make a yummy muse for a sexy, autumnal eye! So we present, the s’mores inspired […]

26th Sep

Fall Look Tutorial

It’s difficult for me to believe that it’s time for Fall beauty when I’m sitting by an open window typing this, because our house is so stuffy, listening to the sweet, soothing sounds of my neighbor’s obnoxious bug zapper. That’s a story for another day. Yet Fall will be upon us and the makeup gets […]

25th Sep

Stila One Step Correct Primer Review

I don’t think I’m the only one who is attracted to this primer, simply because it looks like an ice cream cone in there. When it comes to packaging design alone, bravo Stila! I want to eat your product. Thanks. In all seriousness, Stila has managed to create a primer that color corrects-saving you a […]

24th Sep

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel for $11.00!

Do I have your attention? I should, because this $22 brow gel from brow genius, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, is half off today only as part of Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Steals! Yup, yup! I remember when Benefit’s Gimme Brow came out, though I like it a lot, I would still steer shoppers towards […]

22nd Sep

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is one of those cleansers that you look forward to using because it smells so lovely. It smells like the ocean to me! It must be the natural ingredients like rose hip extract, milk thistle, passion flower and chamomile I’m picking up! It is mildly-exfoliating with teeny-tiny beads. I’ve used it with […]

21st Sep

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Happy Sunday, cutie pie butts. Let’s talk about one of everyone’s favorite topics-MASCARA! Smashbox Full Exposure mascara has long been one of my go-to, always works, never fails me formulas. It’s never too wet or clump-inducing, the brush is big, bushy and perfect for creating lush volume. Aside from the plastic comb style brushes, this is […]

18th Sep

How to Save Money on Makeup

Do you remember the 2001 Usher song, ‘You Got it Bad’? Well, I’ve got it bad–for makeup and beauty products. If you do too, there’s no doubt you’ve realized you need to devise a strategy to fund your makeup ways! No one understands this better than me, so here’s how to save money on makeup […]

13th Sep

10 Minute Eyes & Lips with e.l.f. Cosmetics

There are few things you can actually buy for a dollar these days. Small coffee? $1.85. Package of gum? $1.19. Vending machine 20 oz. Diet Coke? $1.50. Well, e.l.f. makes my favorite pick-me-up of all, at prices starting at just $1.00! Every item used in the tutorial below cost $1.00 each, with the exception of the primer […]

10th Sep

Dying to Try

“I have all the products I’ll ever need!” -Ivy Boyd, parallel universe As long as there are new products in the aisles of Sephora, I’ll be there, dying to try them. I love new products, the hype that surrounds them, the curiosity and the possibility! Here are the items I’m eyeing and hoping to experience […]

04th Sep

DIY Beauty Projects

Straight up-I’m not a crafter. I don’t often DIY. Why? Because I’m a little bit lazy, a lot busy and just usually fork over the money for whatever it is that I need. However, there are a few beauty products that you can totally make yourself, and it’s so easy–why not?! So when you’ll have to […]

01st Sep

NUDE Advanced Renewal Serum Review

It’s Skincare Sunday-on a Monday! WHUT?! I hope your Labor Day was positively labor-less! It’s no secret that the NUDE ProGenius Oil pretty much made my head explode I loved it so much. It’s still my favorite skincare oil of all that I’ve tried and there’s a reason it’s perpetually sold out online. And I […]

28th Aug

Best NYX Products: Ultra Pearl Mania Pigments

I love NYX-this you know. Their Ultra Pearl Mania pigments are one of my favorite things because they are cheap, chock full o’ beautiful pigment and metallic goodness and juicy-ness. Described as loose pearl eyeshadows, these are $3 and available in multiple colors. I get mine at Ulta. I apply these loose or with e.l.f. […]