13th Sep

10 Minute Eyes & Lips with e.l.f. Cosmetics

There are few things you can actually buy for a dollar these days. Small coffee? $1.85. Package of gum? $1.19. Vending machine 20 oz. Diet Coke? $1.50. Well, e.l.f. makes my favorite pick-me-up of all, at prices starting at just $1.00! Every item used in the tutorial below cost $1.00 each, with the exception of the primer […]

10th Sep

Dying to Try

“I have all the products I’ll ever need!” -Ivy Boyd, parallel universe As long as there are new products in the aisles of Sephora, I’ll be there, dying to try them. I love new products, the hype that surrounds them, the curiosity and the possibility! Here are the items I’m eyeing and hoping to experience […]

04th Sep

DIY Beauty Projects

Straight up-I’m not a crafter. I don’t often DIY. Why? Because I’m a little bit lazy, a lot busy and just usually fork over the money for whatever it is that I need. However, there are a few beauty products that you can totally make yourself, and it’s so easy–why not?! So when you’ll have to […]

01st Sep

NUDE Advanced Renewal Serum Review

It’s Skincare Sunday-on a Monday! WHUT?! I hope your Labor Day was positively labor-less! It’s no secret that the NUDE ProGenius Oil pretty much made my head explode I loved it so much. It’s still my favorite skincare oil of all that I’ve tried and there’s a reason it’s perpetually sold out online. And I […]

28th Aug

Best NYX Products: Ultra Pearl Mania Pigments

I love NYX-this you know. Their Ultra Pearl Mania pigments are one of my favorite things because they are cheap, chock full o’ beautiful pigment and metallic goodness and juicy-ness. Described as loose pearl eyeshadows, these are $3 and available in multiple colors. I get mine at Ulta. I apply these loose or with e.l.f. […]

17th Aug

Sigma Spa Glove Review & Demo

What is this creepy looking thing, right? Do you wash your face with it? Is it inappropriate?? The Sigma Spa Glove is a textured, rubber glove that retails for $35 and is an effective and thorough way to clean multiple makeup brushes quickly! If you have a ton of brushes like I do, especially if […]

15th Aug

Fake a Nose Job

I’ve long described my nose as “The Eiffel Tower” for the way it flares out at the bottom. Keep in mind-I don’t hate my nose. I don’t think it’s the cutest or the best nose I’ve ever seen, because Heidi Klum has that covered, but it’s why I look the way I do. My nose has […]

06th Aug

July Favorites

I filmed a monthly favorites video to tell you all about the products I was digging throughout the month of July.  I mentioned something in every category: hair, skin, nails, and makeup so go me?! I hope you enjoy this video and I plan to do monthly favorites videos if you do! I returned from Lollapalooza […]

28th Jul

Brush-Free, Natural Look

One of my top makeup nightmares would be going on a trip and forgetting all of my brushes. I would probably have a panicky moment where I cried a little, but once it wore off, I’d realize that God has already equipped me with some of the best makeup tools on the planet. These tools […]

24th Jul


When you find the right path for yourself, like true love, your wedding dress, and the first house you buy, you really just know. I felt that feeling the very moment I started doing makeup on others professionally.  Much like falling in love with my husband in college, it was as though all the lights […]

21st Jul

Lime Crime Great Pink Planet

I have a list in my Evernote called “Makeup I Wanna Try n’ Buy” and Lime Crime has long been on the list. I have a lot of lists in Evernote, which I could not live life without. Lists called things like “Funny Questions”, “Things To See/Do/Bucket List” and most recently, “Vent File”. That’s a […]

18th Jul

Nail Polish Giveaway!

Happy Friday you little beauties! I have another giveaway for you! I just have one more survey that I’d love your help with. This one is super important because it’s about what you want more of, and less of here on Wake Up For Makeup. I love knowing what you like, or what makes you be like, “ugh! […]

15th Jul

Belletto Studio Airbrush Review

So, I wanna know–are you an impulse buyer or a careful planner? If you’re like me, you’re an obsessive researcher. You’d never just grab an item in-store or add to your cart online without reading at least a dozen reviews, watching a minimum of 5 YouTube videos and asking others in the know their opinion. […]

07th Jul

My Favorite Sigma Brushes

If you watch YouTube videos or read other beauty blogs, you’ve likely seen Sigma Beauty brushes. I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself, “they’re just talking these brushes up because they’re sponsored by them.” It’s ok, I thought that too. But curiosity finally got the best of me and I had to try them. Well, I’m so […]

05th Jul

Murad Acne Clearing Solution & Acne Spot Fast Fix Review

I usually have ok skin. I have some persistent blackheads and clogged pores and the occasional hormonal zit but  all stuff  I cover easily with makeup. HOWEVER! Lately, my skin has been what I’d call “nightmarish”. I am getting zits of the larger variety, groups of bumps that are hard to cover even with heavy-duty concealer. It […]