2018 Holiday Beauty Gift Guide

Here we are; the big one. The gift guide of gift guides. The gift guide to rule them all.
I spent a lot of time categorizing the gift ideas this year and really thought about the beauty products that are sure to impress.

All of the items in my guides can be purchased online, which I strongly suggest.

Online Shopping Eliminates the 3 P’s

  1. Parking
  2. Pants
  3. People

Instead, online shopping offers special benefits like your pajamas, wine, spiked cocoa or your beverage of choice, your pets and/or loved ones snuggled up beside you and a Christmas movie or the series you’re binging on TV.

I will choose online gift shopping any day of the week, unless it’s Target because as you know, I really like going there.

I hope the following gift guides help you to cross every beauty lover off your list this year. Make sure you order soon for Christmas arrivals!

For Makeup Fantatics

I would legit scream if I got this as a gift. Well I did and I did. A gift from Ivy Boyd to Ivy Boyd. I just used it in this holiday look tutorial HERE.

I have these. I love these. Do you apply makeup? You need too.

I love that this has everything in the collection minus the blush palette because it was the product I didn’t like. Find my full review and swatches HERE.

I think this has to be the most unique item in the gift guides. The name sounds like it’s going to be a mini dirty magazine  when in reality, it’s a flip book of single use blush, bronzer and highlighter sheets. How perfect is this for travel?!

Ardell and their wispy style are a staple in the lash world.

These are the funnest, liquid glitter shadows that would be perfect for New Years Eve. I like to apply them over a dark liner for extra impact.

2 of the most legendary brow products for$25? Yes please.

For Hair Obsessors

Some of the sleekest and chicest hair tools you’ll find and good quality at that. I have the pivot wand and I’m enjoying it so far. Review to come.

Kitsch x Kayley Gift Set
I’ve learned a lot from adorable Kayley Melissa’s YouTube videos and I’m so excited for her collaboration with Kitsch. All of these items are practical and functional. I suddenly find myself wanting to wear a shower cap all the time.

This is easier and faster to use than a flat iron and it preserves body so that you don’t get laser straight, flat strands. I enjoy using this because it’s super easy and user friendly.

Verb Ghosting Kit
As you may already know, I live and die for the Verb Ghost Oil. This is a great little set to try the weightless line.

Kitsch Satin Scrunchies
I’ve been on the satin scrunchie train and loving it. They are nice and gentle to put your hair up around the house or for wearing to bed. I call them my sleeping scrunchies.

For Skincare Geeks

Pretty sure I include this every year and will continue to until the end of time. My review can be found HERE.

Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker
I bet your recipient doesn’t have one of these. This simple little aerator will take any cream cleanser and turn it into a luxurious foam. The foam is not only fun but the texture minimizes any friction thus is super gentle on the skin. You could also use this to make your own shaving foam.

DIY sheet mask tablets
With these, you can make a custom sheet mask from any serum or liquid you please. I like to use these to use up serums before they expire but you can also saturate them in green tea, witch hazel or even aloe vera gel to soothe a sun or wind burn.

You’ve probably seen these all over Instagram. I really love using facial rollers to reduce puffiness and stimulate lymphatic drainage. A post about jade rollers can be found HERE.

Code of Harmony Glo-Berry
Not only is this CBD infused oil anti-inflammatory and hydrating but it has a mica for a beautiful instant glow. I am relaying on it hardcore with my pale, dry winter skin. I wrote all about this line, formerly known as Crave, HERE.

For Bath Takers

What can’t Himalayan sea salt do? Just be careful not to sit on one in the tub. Ouch!

I love a delicious smelling cozy bath and this scent sounds about as comforting as it gets.

Life Elements CBD Bath Bombs
Responsible for the most relaxing baths of my life, CBD bath bombs are where it’s at for stressed out sisters and misters.

The Bathery Exfoliating Gloves
It’s prime season for my skin to start shedding like a gross snake so these are a must. I especially like these for exfoliating before a spray tan.

Non Beauty Gifts

I came across this environmentally friendly notebook at Target and though I didn’t purchase it, I find the concept super interesting and maybe I eventually will.

23 and Me
My mom and brother gave me this for Christmas a few years ago and it’s literally the gift that keeps on giving. I didn’t have any earth shattering discoveries but really enjoyed finding out all of the little niches in my DNA. I’m 0.2% Ashkenazi Jew, a rare population of people. It’s often assumed I am Greek, Italian or something Mediterranean and I did discover just 3% of that.

PJ’s + feet=feejays! My only criticism is that the waist is quite high for my liking. I know that is in trend right now but for me, it’s like waistband, 2 inches, boobs. Use COMFY18 for 15% off.

Cute Cool Mist Humidifier
One of my main issues with humidifiers, as much as I need them right now, is that they’re ugly. This one though? Adorable.

Prive Revaux Blue Light Blocking Glasses
These are a cute way to block sleep-disrupting blue light from devices like cell phones and laptops. I’ve been trying to wear at night to reduce eye strain and sleep better.

Thanks for reading! Happy clicking and shopping!

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