Rose Gold Liner Look

Everything’s coming up rose gold. I’m so into puns it’s disgusting and I’m sorry about that. Well I’m also into rose gold for the way it warms up your skin, especially if you already have yellow to olive undertones like I do. If you love the way rose gold earrings and accessories look next to your skin, you’ll love this eye look.

I had quite the time finding a truly rose gold shadow or liner. In the end, I ended up making my own rose gold liner with a NYX pigment and glitter. When you can’t find exactly what you want, you have to make it yourself! It was quite easy and I’ve actually perfected it even further since.

This rose gold liner look would be fun for New Year’s because everybody and their mom is going to be rocking gold or silver and you’re going to bust in the party like “yeah, dis is ROSE gold betch.” A rosy gold accentuates all eye colors too so win, win.

To make this lovely liner goldie goodness, I just mixed NYX Cosmetics Pearl Mania in Rust with NYX Cosmetics Glitter Mania in Gold, bound together by Mehron mixing liquid. Since then, I’ve actually achieved a similar effect with the Pearl Mania in Rust and LORAC 3D Liquid Lustre in Gold. My lashes in the photos below are Ardell Dramatic Wispies.

There is a full post on this look over at Divine Caroline. She just got a bit of a makeover, so check that out.









If you want to watch how I did this, here is the tutorial video.

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