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What I Didn't Love

Sometimes you really want to love a product. You try to make it work for you. You think, “maybe it’s me? Maybe I’m doing it wrong?” You look up reviews to confirm your feelings. And finally you realize it. “It’s not me, it’s them!” Believe it or not, sometimes I don’t love a beauty or skincare product. Many times, it’s even a product others swear by, wouldn’t live without, rave about! But hey, it happens to the best of us. The following are the products I didn’t love.

  1. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
    We’ve all seen this pink and green tube on countless best beauty product lists. It’s often said that it’s the cheap product even top makeup artists carry in their kits. Sadly, I just can’t dig it. Mediocre brush, wet gloppy formula, no thank you. Simply put, there has just been so much innovation in mascara formulas and wands since Great Lash. There are far better to be had.
  2. Benefit Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer
    I had such high hopes for this primer. Although the deodorant-like stick confused me, nearly everything Benefit does is great. However, this did not glide on and was very sticky. It felt like I was putting a glue stick on my face in a way. I have very dry skin, so maybe that contributed? I didn’t notice extraordinary priming power either. Sephora gratis item
  3. L’Oreal True Match Ultra-Blendable Crayon Concealer
    I had seen several YouTubers and beauty bloggers that seem to love this. I was excited to try it and even bought a darker shade for cream contouring. The texture was not smooth nor ultra-blendable to me though. I felt like it was very dry and a lot of work to get it to blend in seamlessly. I like the roll-up crayon formula and I just wish these were a little silkier!
  4. Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil
    I have one main, stinky issue with this. THA SMELL. Due to the rose hips in this oil, the initial smell is like a potent herbal tea. Not bad. However, after a few minutes, I smell a very strong and disgusting fish smell. I put it on my face one night before bed and apologized to my husband for smelling like a total fish stick. The smell was so gag-worthy and off putting that I actually got up to wash it all off. What I fail to understand about many of the Ole Henriksen products is why on earth they must be so strongly and offensively scented? I suspect the ridiculous citrus/tea smell in this is to cover up the omega fatty acid fish oil scent. Can’t deal. Makes me wanna barf. But on a positive note, I bet my cats would love the smell! Sephora gratis item
  5. bareMinerals Powder Foundation
    Now this one is just bound to cause some controversy. People who wear bareMinerals wouldn’t wear anything else. They claim they can sleep in it and not get breakouts, that their skin loves it, that they love the way it looks and how easy it is. I’ve tried it due to the massive praise and for me, it is a do not love. Do not even like. I think the texture feels like dirt. It’s incredibly messy. If you have dry skin, pronounced pores or wrinkles, this powder is great for sitting on top and accentuating those things. If you need long-wearing coverage and have age spots, scars, even blemishes, you won’t get enough coverage from a powder like this. Dry and mildly-sensitive skinned people will find this itchy.Now, who would like this? Normal to oily skin types who need minimal coverage. People that don’t really want to wear makeup but feel better with something on. People that can commit to regular brush washing because the natural hair fiber brushes that are used with bareMinerals hold onto pigment like a magnet and can become gross very quickly. I’m glad that bareMinerals Powder Foundation is such a win for so many women. I still remember watching the infomercials as a child, thinking it was like magic! No magic for me though.


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  1. Juli says

    Thank you for this post – I often wondered what I am doing wrong that I don’t love Great Lash or Bare Minerals – yet I continue trying and continue to be disappointed!

    • Ivy Boyd says

      I’m just glad I’m not the only one who feels that way! I’m glad you enjoyed the post Juli and thank you for reading!

  2. Ashley says

    I couldn’t agree more. Especially on the Bare Minerals!! I’m still recovering from the acne/clogged pores I got from it.

  3. says

    100% agree on the Great Lash mascara review! For the longest time I thought something was wrong with me because everyone else kept raving about how great it was!
    I guess the one item I feel differently about would be the L’oreal crayon concealer. Not that I loved it or anything, but I did find that it blended quite smell and applied smoothly. My only qualms with it would be the lack of coverage :/

    • Ivy Boyd says

      Thanks for the input Jenny! I’m thinking the crayon concealer may not work for me because my skin is SO dry. It’s just so immovable on me! And btw-I love myself a fellow cat mommy!

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