Festival Beauty Must Haves

Festival Must Have Chart

If I were to ever win an exorbitant amount of money, beyond the practical things I’d pay for like student loans, I’d spend a year going to every music festival I could! I’ve been to Electric Daisy Carnival, Lollapalooza and of course Des Moines’ own 80-35.

But I want more! I’d go to Bonaroo, Electric Forest, TomorrowWorld, Sasquatch, Beyond Wonderland, Escape From WonderlandSXSW and even Coachella! In reality, I am lucky to be going to Spring Awakening and Lollapalooza this year and they can’t come soon enough! Festivals are truly something to be experienced if you never have but they can take a lot out of you! The days and the nights are long, but you’re going to be Instagramming and selfie-ing the whole experience so you still want to look good. Here are my festival beauty must haves!

1. BB Cream
Festivals take place throughout spring and summer when the temps are warmer and if you don’t want a sweaty foundation face, a BB or CC cream is ideal. Plus, they most often contain sunscreen too which is vital for hours of fun in the sun.

2. Bold liner
Festival makeup is all about color! You don’t have to be a makeup master either. A vivid liner on the lower lash line, top, or both is all you need!

3. Setting spray
Setting sprays are better than powder to control shine and keep your makeup locked in all day. Plus, you can use them as a refresher throughout the day.

4. Tinted lip balm
Your lips can dry quickly out at festivals due to the sun and singing! You still want some color too so a tinted lip balm like Baby Lips is totally perfect. Go for the brightest colors!

5. Cream blush
A cream blush will stay on much longer than powder and look more natural and less-makeupy. Plus you can just use your fingers to apply!

6. Waterproof mascara
Even if you don’t have watery eyes, waterproof mascara is a must at festivals. There are occasional rain showers and sweat in your eyes and no one wants to worry about mascara streaming down their cheeks.

7.  Sunglasses
Prevent wrinkles from squinting all day in the sun. Sunglasses are an absolute must. Grab a few cheap pairs so if you lose or break them, it won’t break your heart.

8. Dry shampoo
Festival hair is more about practicality than being adorable. I love messy hair and spraying a little dry shampoo at the roots is all you need for festival hair styling.

9. Rollerball perfume
There will certainly be no shortage of scents at a festival. Patchouli to your left, beer to your right. And hey, maybe a few other psychedelic scents too. Throw a rollerball fragrance in your bag so at least you’re smelling fresh. Nirvana White is a nice and clean scent that won’t offend any other festival-goers.



  1. Lisa says

    WOW – Congrats on your top 10 status with Allure! I would love to have you to update my look. I’ve been wearing the same colors/shades for at least 10 years! I need a fresh look for Spring!!

    • Ivy Boyd says

      Thank you so much Lisa! It’s been really exciting! I think a lot of people stick with what works but sometimes you surprise yourself when you try things outside your makeup comfort zone!

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