At Home Spa Day

Shown above, clockwise: Spacegirl, Fluffy Egg, Mr. Duckie, Butterball

It’s the middle of the week, and if you’re like me, you’re super busy at work, you have a thousand things bouncing around your brain, the weekend seems a thousand miles a way and you are so over this weather, it’s not even funny. You know what that means–AT HOME SPA DAY! This is something fun to do when you get home from an insane work day or a rainy Sunday!

I’ve also gotten pretty into bath bombs lately so a spa day is a great excuse to use one. My town just got a LUSH Cosmetics store so of course I went, blacked out and bought 4 bath bombs and a shampoo. I was like, “ok, now tell me about the bath melts. What are those all about? And the bubble bars. Is that the same thing?” The man helping me said that the I Love Juicy shampoo would be great for my oily hair and “make it smell like Skittles.” SOLD. And indeed it does!

I also got a big box of fun from LATHER. They sent me some stuff to try and it was so well-timed.
I used to be so great at putting on body lotions. Everyday, without fail. Now? Oh my gosh, I’m lucky if it happens once a week. I know I need to be better about it. I put lots of effort into the skin on my face, yet I act like the rest of this epidermis is just going to fend for itself? Oh well guess what? It’s not and it’s going to be so dry and flaky that when I take off black tights, I SEE dry skin. Ok, I’m sorry. That was gross.


I am an almond freak so I loved this Almond Creme Body Buff! It made me wish I used a scrub more often. I was like, skin? Is that you?! Bliss makes a very similar product to this but for $38, vs. $21 for LATHER’s.

Oh weird, more almond products! The Philosophy Almond Glazed smells like a Dutch letter and a donut had sex. Definitely wish this was frosting. Heavenly.
‘LATHER’s Almond, Milk & Honey Body Butter is so thick and literally, like butter! I could have used this in the winter! These 2 body butters are interesting to compare as Philosophy’s definitely uses synthetic fragrances while LATHER’s products are all natural, using only pure essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants, fruits and herbs – no synthetic fragrances or colors. Emilie, the creator of LATHER, found that artificial fragrances triggered her migraines, thus LATHER was born. Something to consider if you’re a migraine sufferer too!
LATHER sent me other awesome things, which I’m working through and trying. Watch for their soaps in an upcoming brush cleaning video!

Until then, enjoy this short little video to get you excited for your own spa day!

Products from LATHER were provided for possible review. I was not compensated to do so. I do not make a commission on LATHER orders via affiliate linking. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Anna says

    Such a cute post! I love all the products you picked – giving me inspiration for my next stay-in spa day! :)

    • Ivy Boyd says

      Thanks Anna! I should have mentioned add-on items like dark chocolate, wine, cheese, mmm!

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