How to apply Static Nails

These are Static Nails, aka the coolest “press on nails” you’ll find. I’ve talked about them before and I always get compliments and questions on them when I wear them. This usually happens when I’m handing the Starbucks barista my debit card.

You press these on, adhering them to your nail with the included non-damaging adhesive. They hold for days with no lifting. You can trim, file, paint and even remove polish and repaint these. I’ll show you how easy these are to put on and how to trim them down if you prefer a shorter style like I do. I’ll be showing you the Rose Gold Edit from Static Nails’ Chrome Collection, which are no longer available, but these are a similar rose gold style. 

Now, the easiest way would be to first find the nails that match yours best and lay them all out in order. But if you know me, you know that I almost always do things the hard way. No, I’d rather dig through 24 different nails one by one! I always do things the hard way. Not sure what that says about me.

  1. Make sure the nail fits width-wise. Don’t worry about length because you can trim it. For short term wear, a thin stripe or even dot of glue down the center of the nail is what you want. For more long term wear, cover the nail bed in the glue.
  2. Press the nail onto yours firmly, making sure not to touch the top or sides or glue will seep out and get on the nail. This will change the way some of the patterns look, especially chrome ones like these.
  3. It will only take a few seconds before you feel it’s firmly adhered. I continue to press on them here and there.
  4. Once you have pressed all of the nails on, you can use a fingernail clipper to trim any excess length and the included file to reshape. As a makeup artist, I don’t want long nails so this is ideal for me. However, filing the chrome and shattered deeds styles does effect the foil finish so be cautious.

Static says they last up to 18 days straight. I have had them last a solid 7 days, which is still great to me. I have had to re-glue 1 or 2 during the week when doing things like opening a soda can or something but overall, the wear time and comfort it unlike any other artificial nail I’ve tried. With other press-on nails, when washing my hair, I will feel my hair slip under the nail and it gives me the total creeps. I have none of that with these.

One other thing I will mention about the Rose Gold Edit nails is that the finish changes over time. When I first apply them, as you can see, they are a brushed finish. They have almost a frosted appearance and match my rose gold Apple watch almost identically.

Over time, that brushed chrome appearance wears away and they became more of a true, chrome-shine, as you see on the box. Unfortunately, I also see the rose color fading away and the silver chrome underneath. It’s not ugly but also not what I expected. Something to keep in mind. If you don’t want to deal with the change of finish, there are plenty of others from Static I love too.

static-nails-allIf that was all clear as mud, here’s a video tutorial of how I apply them.

I hope that this post and video has helped and if you haven’t tried before, the holidays are a perfect time to test drive a pair. Everyone will ask you about them so they’re a great conversation starter.

All products shown were purchased with my own money. I am not being financially compensated in any way for this review.

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