Clare Blanc Mineral Makeup Review

I first heard about Clare Blanc while attending The Makeup Show. Artist James Vincent mentioned that they are the only mineral makeup line allowed there. That piqued my curiosity so I was excited when they reached out. I have tried mineral makeup before, bareMinerals and Root. I was curious to see how Clare Blanc compared, what sets them apart and what their formula was like. Read on if you’re interested in the natural makeup line, Clare Blanc Minerals.

What I tried:

When I visited the Clare Blanc site, I was met with a very chic, modern and minimalist aesthetic. I really love their branding  and packaging design as I’m over cutesy or granola packaging designs in the green beauty sector. When reading their about me page, I have to tell you, they lost me. Free myself? Be myself? Hi, I am just here for the makeup.

All Clare Blanc products are loose in format, free of talc, nano-particles, artificial fragrances and dye, parabens and bismuth oxychloride.

Their foundation contains amino acids, vitamins A and E and jojoba esters. They are broken into 3 undertones: cool, warm and beige (which I assume is neutral). I am warm and was able to find a great match in Warm 540.

I would describe the coverage of the Clare Blanc Superbalanced Foundation as medium. It doesn’t fully cover dark spots or blemishes. For someone who likes a lightweight look and feel, you will likely find the coverage just right, but with my melasma, I need more. I did find that after buffing onto the skin with a flat kabuki brush, I could add coverage by tapping more onto problem areas with my finger. It layered really nicely. It caused no itchiness or redness on my skin and feels like you’re not really wearing anything.

The finish is matte, with no luminescent particles as found in other mineral foundations. I examined my skin really closely in the magnification attachment of my Riki mirror and the makeup looks undetectable on the skin. I suspect this is one of the reasons James Vincent okayed it for The Makeup Show.

In terms of value, the 14g size foundations retail for $49.90, the 4g for $36.90 and sample sizes for $3.90. The prices are weird; I agree but when compared to other brands, the value is good.

Example: 14g of bareMinerals would cost you $57. 14g of Tarte’s would be $72.

Overall, I give this a 7/10.

Clare Blanc Matt Blush in Vintage
I love the color of this. For my yellow skin tone, it’s a perfect peachy pink. I love the matte finish. One quality that makes this blush easy to use is that it doesn’t have so much pigment that you instantly get too much on. This is common with some high-pigment, filler-free mineral blushes. You can actually layer this and it’s a beautiful look. I also applied it to my lips for a pretty matte coral. I did notice a tiny bit of patchiness later in the day.

It retails for $3.90 for a .5g sample size for $39.90 for 4g. bareMinerals blushes are $21.00 for 0.85 grams, so as you can see, the Clare Blanc blushes are generous in value.

Overall, I give this an 8/10.

This is the Clare Blanc Mineral Eyeshadow in Coral Rose. It retails for $24.90 for 1.6g and is a shimmery rose gold shade. I think it’s essentially a shimmery neutral and universally flattering. I’ve enjoyed using this on myself and clients for beautiful light reflection on the lid and lower lash line.

For comparison, bareMinerals loose shadows are $15 for 0.57 grams so again, this is a great value. I love it on blue and green eyes especially. I used it on a client who requested a rose gold eye and she loved it.

This is the Clare Blanc Mineral Eyeshadow in Cloud Berry. I could have easily used the matt blush instead of this or vice versa as the colors are very similar. The color is a peachy pink, but I’d almost describe it as a muted neon. It’s vivid and unique. I have enjoyed using this as a crease color for a very peachy/rosy eye look as seen below.

Clare Blanc Luminizing Powder
This should technically be called a highlighter as no one on earth should be putting it all over their face. It’s incredibly shimmery so it makes a very pretty highlight but if you have pores, fine lines and wrinkles, be very careful. It’s also super odd to me that it comes in as big of a container as it does, ($49.90 for 12 grams). You will never go through all that unless you’re dousing your body with it. But hey, maybe that’s a good use for it?

bareMinerals loose highlighter is $21 for .085 g so you get a lot less, but a more appropriate amount for highlighter.

I don’t prefer the loose format for highlighters as it’s too easy to pick up far too much product. It’s pretty, but nothing unique in terms of loose powder highlighters and I find this enhances my pores and peach fuzz in a not so cute way.

Overall, I give this a 5/10.

Overall, The Matt Blush and Eyeshadows are my favorites from Clare Blanc. I’m not super into powder foundations but I do think Clare Blanc is a better value and a cleaner choice than bareMinerals.

Product provided for review purposes by Clare Blanc. No financial compensation was received.

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  • I wonder how this would work for oily skin types? I have used BareMinerals in the past but its way too luminescent for me to get the coverage I like. I’ll have to check out their site!

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