January Favorites

With January being the official welcome to 2019, I can say that the welcome has been fast and furious. I’ve been working on multiple commercial shoots, which means doing makeup super fast, working on my feet, often for 12+ hours, sometimes overnight.

That then results in naps, yawning and too much caffeine. I may get tired, but make no mistake, I am always grateful.

I am also grateful for the following beauty product favorites, for making my life easier or more fun while I’m working so much.

Thayer’s Lavender Witch Hazel

I’ve been a lifelong with hazel user, something my mom got me started on long ago. I religiously use it after tweezing my brows, shaving my face or messing with a zit.

This natural astringent makes a great toner, but many drugstore versions contain alcohol, something my dry skin doesn’t need.
I prefer to drink my alcohol via wine glass, thankyouverymuch.

The Thayer’s version is alcohol free, contains soothing aloe and comes in scents like lavender. I have both the regular packaging and the mist bottle. I have been toning after cleansing my face and I love it. This not only ensures that every trace of makeup is fully removed but helps to tighten pores, balance PH and prepare my skin for the other steps in my skincare routine.

I really don’t get amped up about hair products and only recently have I been regularly styling my hair. Since I work with so many fantastic stylists, I try to watch what they do, use what they use and absorb their knowledge via osmosis.

has emerged as the universal product that almost every hair stylist seems to agree on. It’s a sort of hybrid product, able to be used as a light hold hairspray and/or texture spray.

I’ve fallen in love with it because when I curl my hair and finish with this, it lasts for days. Days! It smells really nice too.

I love products that make my life easier, whether that’s in my personal beauty routine or my work life. has come in handy in both lives.

As a working makeup artist on commercial sets, I often have very, very little time to do the talent’s makeup and touch them up in between shots. This means I don’t always have time for lip liner, lip color and gloss.

in Perfect Nude allows me to get color on someone’s lips, add hydration and a healthy sheen, in one quick step. It has been a lifesaver this month.

I recently got the shade and I don’t like it nearly as much as Perfect Nude. It’s very cool tone so not idea on me personally but I’d like to try it on a very fair, pink undertone and see what it’s like.

In my last post, I told you about one of the 2019 makeup trends being a cleaner, sparkly lid. This product makes wearing that trend so very easy.

I love doing a matte crease color and then using my finger to swipe one of these 3 flattering shades across my lid. Add mascara and you’re golden. It’s so easy but it looks high impact.
These have micro sparkle, but not glitter, so it’s more wearable than a glitter shadow.

I have the trio called Orange Blossom but there are 3 others to choose from too. I kinda want them all now.

Non Beauty Favorites

Every recipe I’ve made from the blog Damn Delicious, is, well, damn delicious. I will never cook salmon another way since discovering her Honey Salmon. If you haven’t loved salmon, cook it this way and you will. Trust me; I’m a pescatarian.

Fyre Festival documentaries of course. I enjoyed both the Netflix and Hulu versions and I feel like you need to watch both to full grasp how horrendously messy this situation was.

to block blue light from devices but also reduce the headaches I noticed I was having whenever I was in an environment with flourescent lighting, like grocery stores.

I feel like January has been going on for like 90 days now so I’m really looking forward to the month switching over. I hope you’ve enjoyed these favorites and will come back for a February edition too!


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