Why Kevyn Aucoin Foundation Balm made me sad

When an iconic brand like Kevyn Aucoin launches a new product, you wake up from your 2 hour nap and take note. You log into your pro artist account, order it, then anxiously await it’s arrival.

I love full coverage. I love cream foundations. I love kabuki brushes. What could possibly go wrong with the ?

Well, as it turns out, everything.


Not to be confused with throwing shade, which I will be, just give me a sec,
the shade Light 04 is a pretty good match. I find the range runs pretty light, as my match according to Sephora would have been far too light for me. I also find the 20 shade range limited, with a mere 5 deep shades.


With 5 different silicones and hyaluronic acid, I thought the would make my skin look like a baby.

Instead, made my skin look worse by enhancing texture and dryness. I didn’t find the cream formula to be at all hydrating, despite containing great ingredients like hyaluronic acid and avocado oil.

I could possibly see a very oily skin type liking this, as you wouldn’t need any hydration, but I suspect that it would still pick up on any texture you might have.


While not emollient nor hydrating, that doesn’t mean is long-wearing either. The wear time is average to below average, with some fierce settling-into-pores action by midday.


For a from a luxury brand, I would expect this to be housed in a glass jar. It’s not. It’s plastic.

On a positive note, it comes with a very decent brush, which you rarely see. I would reach for the brush far more often than itself.


I suppose the brush adds some value but at $52.00 for 0.7 oz. of a not great product, keep walking. I won’t have you pay $52 for the . I just won’t.

Do I recommend the ?

No. I actually returned it. What a shame, considering the brand has SO many wonderful offerings, but simply isn’t one of them and Wayne Goss isn’t wrong.


  1. Mazie

    10/07/2019 at 9:11 PM

    I was actually tempted to buy it based on past experience with the brand alone! So very glad I didn’t. Who has time for $52 foundation unless it’s going to apply itself, anyway??

    1. Ivy Boyd

      10/09/2019 at 1:57 AM

      Amen sister! Glad I could save you the trouble!

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