Korres Raspberry Twist Lipstick

I first fell for KORRES when I worked at Sephora. They had me at Greek Apothecary. I’ve been to Greece and you guys; it’s just as amazing as you imagine. Once I’m done with my 23 and Me, I hope to find that I’m at least a little Greek myself. Fingers crossed but in the mean time.

KORRES skincare and makeup is free of parabens, silicones, mineral oil and propylene glycol. Their products harness the antioxidant power of herbs and food-grade ingredients such as: Pomegranate, honey, yogurt. black pine, wild rose, Quercetin (nature’s version of retinol), oak and evening primrose.

KORRES‘ animal testing has long been a subject of contention for me. I stopped using their products while they were owned by Johnson & Johnson but I’m happy to say this has been resolved! KORRES is no longer affiliated with Johnson & Johnson, pulled products from China and closed all Chinese shops siting animal testing as the reason. I  applaud their commitment to compassion and am happy to be using their products again! Their Raspberry Twist Lipstick, found in the Kisses from Greece Set.

This product is well-loved as the labeling is wearing away. I got this in my Glossybox and it has become my go-to, reliable, always-works lip product. It is moisturizing but not sheer and the coral pink shade is perfectly flattering on warmer skin tones like mine. It’s super easy to apply so it’s what I reach for in my car most days.

It feels nice on, it looks good, it requires no precision or special skills; what more can I say besides buy it? I just wish it were sold separately and it worries be that it’s only available in this set that I can find. If you want to see it in action, I used it in this tutorial, lovingly voiced over by my husband.

If you’re interested in KORRES, you can find the line at Sephora, HSN or the KORRES site.


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