A Global Pandemic, a real housewife of New York and electrolytes

Do you remember my January favorites post?

In that post, I included the Netflix documentary Pandemic.

How very strange it is then, to be writing to you now, in March, living precisely what was warned about in that very documentary.

Oh, how this month has had it’s high highs and low lows.

At the beginning of March, I had the opportunity to do former housewife Bethenny Frankel’s makeup. She said she was impressed with her glam on her Instagram stories. She even mentioned me during her talk at a women’s conference. It made me feel so great.

Bethenny speaking at Iowa Women’s Conference 2020, photo by Chris Maharry

Now, at the end of the same month, every appointment I have has been cancelled and Bethenny Frankel is spearheading a massive relief effort as part of her bstrong emergency assistance program.

I cannot lie to you and say that I’m doing just fine. But I am lucky that I am healthy, that I have a home to socially isolate in and a husband and cats I enjoy being around.

I know that we must keep on, keeping on. I don’t know what else to do but keep calm, and carry on, as they say.

I have cried about this, I have drank wine about this. I’ve watched Tiger King about this.

For once, I’m trying to focus on the future, and not so much the present.

I look forward to a time in that hopeful future, in which I can look back and say,

“Oh my gosh, remember the Coronavirus? When I cleaned and organized my entire house, binged several shows, recorded a podcast, got into Nintendo Animal Crossing and had no work for months and lived to tell about it?”

-Future Me
Glossier Skywash in Valley

Glossier Skywash

I love a wash of warm, matte color on the eyes and that’s exactly what this is. Skywash is a liquid shadow, that sets to a powder finish with zero creasing and a buildable formula. I really want to try the shade Echo next to create an easy, everyday smokey eye.

Glo Skin Beauty HD Mineral Stick Foundation

Glo Skin Beauty is a super underrated brand IMO. These cream foundation sticks apply smoothly and easily, the finish is semi-matte, the coverage is medium to full⁠, wear time is good⁠ and the foundation is free of fragrance, gluten, parabens, phthalates and sulfates⁠. I use 2 shades, 4W and 6W, swiping on different areas of my face then blending and I’m definitely impressed.

I’ve been trying out several under eye concealers lately and the has stood out. I’ve noticed great coverage with little to no creasing, cracking or looking dry throughout the day. I wear the shade Cotton.

Natural Charm shown far right

This is a great, neutral shade for when you don’t want to think about choosing a color. It’s not dark, but not light either and is a nice mid-tone, cool mushroom gray.

How I do my nails at home

Check out this post to see how I make my at home manicures look legit.

Non Beauty Favorites

I’ve been rehydrating with these electrolyte packets after intense HIIT workouts. Not only is delicious, but because it helps you to rapidly absorb hydration, so I don’t feel so zapped after workouts. Not as cool, but I also find these great for hangover prevention.

Silk Creme Brûlée Almond Creamer

I am not a flavored creamer person…yet here I am, including a flavored creamer in my monthly favorites. It’s the end of the world, after all. It’s sweet but not sickeningly sweet and it makes both my hot and iced coffees really delicious, especially when most coffee shops are closed right now.

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