10 Minute Eyes & Lips with e.l.f. Cosmetics


There are few things you can actually buy for a dollar these days. Small coffee? $1.85. Package of gum? $1.19. Vending machine 20 oz. Diet Coke? $1.50.

Well, e.l.f. makes my favorite pick-me-up of all, at prices starting at just $1.00! Every item used in the tutorial below cost $1.00 each, with the exception of the primer which retails for $2.00. So with a few modifications such as wetting your eyeshadow brush and mixing primer with shadow to create your own gel liner, you can do a 10 minute eye and lip look that costs less than lunch!

Make sure you read all the way to the end of the post because I’m giving away a bunch of e.l.f. products to one awesome reader!

elfpictorial copy
Products Used to Create Look
Essential Complete Set of 12 Brushes $12.00 ($1.00 each)
Essential Glitter Primer $2.00
Essential Custom Compact with Mirror $1.00
Custom Eyes Refill Pan-Taupe $1.00
Custom Eyes Refill Pan-Dusk $1.00
Custom Eyes Refill Pan-Pink Ice $1.00
Custom Eyes Refill Pan-Sage $1.00
Essential Super Glossy Lip Shine-Pink Kiss $1.00


  1. Apply Pink Ice eyeshadow to brow bone.
  2. Apply Pink Ice to inner corners of eyes to attract light and give a bright-eyed and busy-tailed appearance.
  3. Pat Taupe eyeshadow all over the lid with a dampened shadow brush.
  4. Dip a flat, synthetic flat brush into the glitter primer, then immediately into the charcoal shadow, Dusk. Use a notecard or business card as a guide to create the initial outer wing.
  5. Line across the top lash line, thinning the line as you go.
  6. Apply mascara to top lashes.
  7. Line lower lash line with the Sage eyeshadow.
  8. Apply mascara to lower lashes.
  9. Use the Pink Ice eyeshadow to highlight about your top lip.
  10. Apply the Super Glossy Lip Shine in Pink Kiss with a lip brush.
  11. Apply a little of the Pink Ice shadow to tops of cheekbones as a highlighter.
  12. And you’re out the door!

_MG_6893 copy



“Hahaha!” *wasn’t really laughing in photo.*


HEY! WIN ALL THIS! There are 23 different e.l.f. items, valued at a total of $40, that one lucky lady or lad will win. The giveaway runs for 2 weeks so you have plenty of time to enter! Sorry, but U.S. entries only.
Comment below, answering this question: On average, how long does your daily makeup routine take?

One winner will receive: 

  • Essential Complete Set of 12 Brushes
  • Mineral Blemish Kit
  • Studio Daily Moisture Stick
  • Studio Lotion Wipes-Vanilla & Coconut
  • Studio Eye Refresh
  • Essential Glitter Primer
  • Essential Custom Compact with Mirror
  • Custom Eyes Refill Pan-Taupe
  • Custom Eyes Refill Pan-Dusk
  • Custom Eyes Refill Pan-Pink Ice
  • Custom Eyes Refill Pan-Sage
  • Essential Super Glossy Lip Shine-Pink Kiss

For those that like moving pictures, here’s the video tutorial.

Products shown plus e.l.f. giveaway package provided by ShopAtHome.com. No financial compensation was given to write this post. Post contains affiliate links on which small commission can be earned.



  • I love elf products, and I usually take 10-15 minutes to do my makeup. Thanks for the video!

  • Woo, I love their products! On average, it takes me about 5 minutes. I like to keep it super minimal during the week and spice things up on the weekend 😉

  • My routine is… I’m thinking 5 to 10 minutes as I wear minimal makeup for work. Now if it is girls night… 20 minutes. (PS Great seeing you last night!)

    • I love finding out how much time people spend because I’m 20 minutes on a normal work day =| Sheepish. Thanks for entering and lovely seeing you too!!

  • About five minutes — I’m very minimal. I keep thinking I need to get someone to show me some short and sweet tricks to add to my routine without adding a lot of time!

    • I’m amazed by you 5 minute beauties! I get lost in what I’m doing and probably spend that on my mascara alone, haha! Thanks for entering and I’ll keep the little tips and tricks comin!

  • My daily routine is very minimal, the exception is if I have a big meeting at work but I generally like to be minimal 🙂 My favorite piece right now is my high beam from benefit!

    • Ooh! Isn’t High Beam lovely?! Highlighters in general were a total game changer for me! Thanks for entering!

    • Thanks so much for stopping over Miss Taylor! Heading over to your unscripted life right…now!

  • It usually takes me 20 minutes to do my makeup. However my now and my teenage 80’s makeup pictures look very similar. Ugh. Thank you for the quick tip video. Cant wait to try it.

    • Aww, shucks. Thanks Amber! I’m totally with you-if I have the time, I love to use it!

  • First off, you are GORGEOUS! It usually takes me about 15-30 minutes for makeup, as I am quite indecisive, but usually depends on what I feel like wearing on other days more like 5! Great post & giveaway idea darling! ((:

    -Daisy from Budget2Beauty.blogspot.com

    • Thank you so much for reading! And I’m with you-about 20-25 minutes. Or more… 🙂

  • I only wear eye makeup and sometimes lip gloss when I go out! It takes a total of 15 minutes.

    • 10-15min. I have a toddler pulling at me so the faster the better. Love this an can’t wait to try these out!!

      • I should do a challenge where I have to get ready while watching after a small toddler. I would have an even greater appreciation than I already do for you mamas!!

  • It usually takes 15 minutes, but when I want to get really glammed up, it takes 45 minutes. Which I knoe takes longer than normal, but I like to look good like all the time.

    • Hey, that sounds about right! I like to say I expand my routine to fill the time I’m allotted 🙂

    • Yes! I love that it’s easy to find and they’re always coming out with new stuff! Thanks for reading, Alicia!

    • Damn, you’re quick girl! That’s awesome! I just did a 5-minute or less tutorial but it’s pretty minimal!

    • That seems to be a nice, normal amount! If given the time, I could do makeup for hours. 😐

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