2019 Makeup Trends to Try

Don’t think of makeup trends as rules. Think of them as new ideas. You can incorporate one, or many, but either way, it can be fun just reimagining your makeup each season.

While some makeup trends aren’t totally wearable to the office, (I see you neon green eyeliner), so many are fresh and easy to replicate.

Here are a few of my favorites, incorporated into some looks to hopefully inspire or just entertain you.

Cooler Shadows, Glossy Lips

Now, don’t jump to any conclusions; I still hate grey eyeshadow.
However, I think shifting our color palette from the red/orange/yellow sunset eyes to something a bit chillier is a welcome change.

Instead of reaching for gray, try a cool taupe, especially one with a purple undertone like Glossier Lidstar in Fawn.

The has some nice cool taupes for a matte look.

I am so excited to see glossy lips making a comeback because I’ve never stopped loving it. They make lips look fuller, hydrated and healthy in photos.

You can layer a clear gloss like Glossier Lip Gloss or on top of existing lip colors or use one with color like .

Living Coral, Natural Brows

The Pantone color of 2019 is Living Coral and I am LIVING FOR IT. I love this color, especially in a monochromatic look like this. I used Glossier Cloud Paint in Dawn on my eyes, lips and cheeks. I mean, bang for your buck or what?!

We’re also seeing a more natural brow, which I am again, living for.
My favorite way to achieve a full, brushed up brow is Glossier Boy Brow. I use Brown but you can also use Clear if your brows don’t need the extra color.

Sparkly Lids, Bold Lip

While eye looks are going cleaner and simpler, that doesn’t mean they’re lacking any sparkle or shine.

Look no further than Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour on Netflix to see the best example of glittery lids paired with a bold lip.

I used tried-and-true liquid eyeshadow, in Kitten Karma.
Prior to applying, I just did a matte crease color and tight lined with a black kohl liner. You can totally get by with less liner here.

For lips, I like . It’s not too dark and vampy nor is it bright.

Do I need to go buy a ton of new stuff?

Nope! You can still stay current and have fun playing with trends with many of the things you already own. I’m all about repurposing!

If you have a cool-tone contour powder, try that for a matte eyeshadow look.

If you have a coral lip color, make it do double duty as cream blush for a living coral vibe.

Leftover Halloween glitter makeup? Dip your finger into a glitter and press it just at the very center of your eyelid for a subtle hint of the sparkly lid trend.

A bit of hair gel on a brow brush can be combed through brows to achieve a natural and carefree shape.

I was recently on Iowa Live where I discussed these trends. Check it out below if you want to see me talk about the trends in this post wearing a blazer and sticking my thumb in my pocket for some unknown reason.

Ok, have fun, and remember: it’s just makeup. You can always wash it off if you’re not in love and try again tomorrow.

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