5 Minute Makeup

If you need an easy, fast makeup look, to get out the door, looking presentable, no special skills required, you’re in the right place for some 5 minute makeup.

Whether you’re a busy mom, a young professional or 50+ and wanting to start doing a little makeup, but not a lot, you can do this 5 minute makeup look. It’s universally flattering and fits into what I call my EDC method. This stands for even, define and color. Read more about that HERE.

A lot can happen in 5 minutes and the more you do this streamlined routine, the faster you’ll get.

I first uploaded this 5 minute makeup look to my Instagram’s IGTV and it seemed like a hit, especially with the moms, so I decided to expand on it here.

I use mostly Glossier products for this 5 minute makeup look because they are so user-friendly and apply so nice with just your fingers. If any of these look like winners, shop via this link because you’ll save 10% off your first order.

You will need

  • Tinted moisturizer, BB or CC Cream
  • Concealer
  • Liquid or cream blush
  • Brow gel
  • Mascara
  • Lip color

  1. Apply a complexion evening product, i.e. CC/BB cream

    In the video, I’m using bareMinerals Complexion Rescue, which I love but recently concluded it clogs my pores due to coconut alkanes. In the photo, above is a new fave, Thrive Causemetics Buildable Blur. Choose something with SPF that you can easily apply with your fingers.

  2. Brighten under eye circles and any blemishes with concealer.

    I’m using Glossier Stretch Concealer in Light.

  3. Add color to your cheeks with a liquid or cream blush.

    I love Glossier’s Cloud Paint. If you have a little extra time, try it on your eyelids too!

  4. Define eyebrows with a brow gel

    Glossier Boy Brow is so easy and effective.

  5. Apply mascara

    In my video, I used Ulta Beauty’s Plush Drama which is a fave, but apparently discontinued. I like Glossier Lash Slick for natural lashes that don’t smudge all day. It doesn’t clump so you can apply it quickly without fear.

  6. Swipe on lip color

    I grab Glossier Generation G for a natural, matte lip that sticks around.

See? You can do this. Once you master your 5 minute face, you can add a few things little by little. A single eyeshadow, then maybe two. Eyeliner if you’re feeling crazy.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope this has been helpful and if so, share with a fellow busy pal.

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