6 Cringe-Worthy Beauty Sins

People often ask if I judge other women’s makeup choices. You know what? I really don’t. What concerns me are the techniques or behaviors that are hiding how pretty someone really is, prematurely aging them or just plain unsanitary and unsafe! Here are some of the things that really do make me go all squidgy in the world of beauty-and with good reason!

1.) Under Eye Abuse
When I see someone applying concealer or eye cream under their eyes by abrasively swiping their finger back and forth, tugging at the skin, I definitely cringe. This is some of the thinnest skin on your body. Using your ring finger in a gentle tapping motion will protect your delicate under eye area from premature wrinkles!

2.) Double-Dipping MUAs

When I see a makeup artist apply mascara to a client straight from the tube, dipping back in, and it’s not their personal mascara. Even so, why would you use a client’s personal mascara? If I see a makeup artist using mascara from the tube, the only acceptable reason is that it’s a brand new mascara and they’re giving it to the client to keep. Lord, I hope so. A makeup artist should be using these. No if’s, and’s or buts.

3.) Fishy Lips

The painfully overlined lips. We can see it. It’s obvious. There is nothing wrong with normal size lips so can we please stop pretending there is? If you have thin lips, please don’t feel that you need to “fix” that with ridiculous suction devices and lip liners. Sure, a tad bit of overlining on the top lip is fun for a night out but overdrawn lips is an illusion you’ll need to maintain over time. The easier solution if you want a plumper look is to use highlighter on your cupid’s bow, a gloss in the center of your lips to reflect light and connect the peaks of your top lip with liner instead of overdrawing the entire top lip. It’s much more subtle!

4.) The Word Flawless

There is no such thing as flawless. That’s what makes us human and not dolls. It’s never my aim to look “flawless” nor for anyone else to because that’s a myth. We all just want to look as pretty as possible but when products throw the word flawless around, it makes you think it’s actually attainable and that’s not only impossible, but unnecessary!

5.) Bacteria Playgrounds

When I see someone apply makeup to their face directly from makeup testers or letting their children go insane on them. I worked at Sephora for 2 years. They aren’t clean. Look up MRSA if you think otherwise. If you want to use a tester, ask an employee to sanitize it for you first and watch them do it.

6.) Second Guessing Yourself

When someone is unsure of a makeup look because of what their husband/bf/gf/friend might think, I have to raise an eyebrow. I’ve heard women say “I need to go home and see what my husband thinks first,” “he just really doesn’t like when I wear makeup”, and “he wishes I would wear makeup more and actually try look like a girl.” Makeup is for you and no one else and don’t you dare let anyone tell you otherwise. Repeat after me: Makeup is for me and no one else.

While you can usually take beauty do’s and don’t’s with a grain of salt, these are my non-negotiables. Of course they are my personal opinion too so do what you will. Live yo life. Thanks for reading! xoxo



  • YES to the last one on the list! Men think that women wear makeup to impress them… that’s simply not true! If our only reason for looking good was to “impress men” (which is never a reason on my mind to be frank), we would not care as much about our hair being quaffed and our outfits being coordinated. And honestly, if our makeup was applied slightly wrong or our handbag didn’t go with our shoes, guys wouldn’t know the difference! We look good because WE want to look good. I will be elated when men stop thinking that almost everything women do is to attract a man!

    • WELL before Kyle Jenner made it popular, I had been noticing Sofia Vergara’s overlined lips for ages. Always bothered me!

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