top 20 amazing amazon buys you’ll thank yourself for

I’ve previously shared my best Amazon buys in this post. Beyond beauty items, I’ve since found so many useful items that just make life better in general.

These are my personal best Amazon buys. Full transparency; I learned about many of these items from other Amazon round-up articles. Bless the people who have led me to some of these products.

best amazon buys

I am still amazed by Amazon Prime. The speed and convenience of it scares me sometimes, but mostly, it delights me.

From air sanitizers to cosmetic organizers, home office accessories to toe nail clippers, these are the items I would buy 5 times over, and some, I actually have!

You never know how badly you needed an ergonomic mouse pad or an air sanitizer until you’re living it up, breathing fresh air, having less carpal tunnel pain.

Add these Amazon buys to your next Prime order and thank me later. Be sure to also let me know if there’s something life-changing I might be missing out on!

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