Current Beauty Deals

I’m writing this post for 2 important reasons.

  1. These beauty deals are too good to pass up and I love seeing anyone save money.
  2. I’m really stressing about COVID-19, as my main source of income comes from being a freelance makeup artist. Nearly every job for the next 3 weeks is cancelled, so I’m honestly writing this post to distract myself so I don’t spiral and drink an entire bottle of wine.

Anyways!! Here are 3 killer beauty deals going on right now, and what to grab from each. I’m only including the deals I think are really worth it.

Also. PLEASE order these online. Beauty testers are already some of the most germ-ridden locations and if you do not need to be out in public right now, do not be.

Stay safe. I love you guys.

We’ll start with the queen of beauty deals as it’s who started the .

In addition to the daily deals, there are weekly .

Must Grabs

  • If you buy nothing else, buy this. $32.50 for bomb, natural lashes? Are ya kidding me?! If you need more convincing, LOOK AT DIS.
  • This is the one I use on every single client as well as myself, every single time I do makeup, without fail.

  • These are gentle, but effective. I use one of these, then a hyaluronic acid serum and my SPF and people are like “omg your skinnnn!” and I’m like “yeah not really but thanks!”

  • I believe this mascara is exclusive to Ulta and I really love the separation it gives.

  • I made the switch to a Foreo device from a Clarisonic years ago and have never looked back. There’s nothing I don’t like about it.

It’s kinda ballsy, but pretty much every deal listed above at is also on the sale that same day on


All of these items are 50% off on the day listed. Plus, when you spend $40 on beauty products, you get a $10 gift card.

Must grabs

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