Beauty News!


The release of new products and collections always gets me excited! I love the world of makeup and beauty because it’s always changing and there is always a new product you have to have. Or at least think you do 🙂 Here are a few new releases that I am particularly excited about.

Urban Decay OZ Palettes
Inspired by the new Disney film, Oz The Great and Powerful, you can choose whether you want to be a good witch-Glinda, or bad-Theodora. I’m partial to the Glinda the Good Witch palette. I’m a rule-follower-what can I say? The Super Saturated lip pencils are amazing too, btw. These are currently available on Urban Decay’s website for $49 each and will be available at Sephora and Ulta as well!

LORAC Mint Edition Palette
This palette is meant to have a retro vibe, but I think the mint and silver packaging is more futuristic-cool than anything. It’s a gorgeous palette that would make a beautiful gift for someone, or yourself! I really like that it has both matte and shimmer shadows, in flattering colors anyone could wear, and that peachy blush just makes my heart sing. I think this palette is a really nice deal at $42 and is sold at Sephora. Oh and fun fact; LORAC is pronounced “la-rock.” I hear “lore-ack” a lot and it makes me think of The Lorax. Entirely different thing. LORAC is also Carol spelled backwards.


Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed
Here is your bronzer, blush and highlighter all in one! The palette is $30 and sold at Sephora and Urban Decay. The palette is a nice size and the shades are universally-flattering. You can mix the shades together, but I’d use them separately. A swipe of bronzer under the cheekbones, dusty rose blush on the apples and highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones and you’re a supermodel! Speaking of supermodels, did I ever tell you I idolized Cindy Crawford growing up? I just thought she was the prettiest person in the world and I asked for her makeup book, Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face in middle school. Yes, middle school. My mom got it for me for Easter and I would read it over and over. This explains a lot doesn’t it? 🙂



NARS Spring 2013 Collection
Coming off the success of their Andy Warhol collection, NARS has a fresh new collection of vibrant shades for spring-which can’t get here soon enough! OMG-currently a whopping SEVEN degrees here. The nail polish in the collection looks SUPER cool. I also love the Seduction blush. What a beautiful wine color for winter! Glug, glug, glug! Just kidding. I only drink white wine.
NARS shadows and blushes are very finely-milled therefore apply beautifully and silky-smooth and with amazing pigment. Go NARS!


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