Belletto Studio Airbrush Review

So, I wanna know–are you an impulse buyer or a careful planner? If you’re like me, you’re an obsessive researcher. You’d never just grab an item in-store or add to your cart online without reading at least a dozen reviews, watching a minimum of 5 YouTube videos and asking others in the know their opinion. That is why I’m so excited to bring you an in-depth review of a product I’ve certainly researched a lot myself-airbrush systems! My goal is to write the type of review I seek out myself, full of bulleted lists, categories, discount codes and straight up, real deal experiences. So here goes!

Belletto Studio contacted me and asked if they could send me their airbrush system to try. I was both delighted and creeped out since I’d just been on their website the night before checking things out!

belletto-airbrush-systemTo preface, prior to receiving the Belletto Airbrush system, I had not used any other system. Honestly, the closest I got was using spray paint when doing abstract paintings. I hoped that with my art background, I could jump right into the airbrush game though. I felt better as soon as I opened the kit.

The Packaging

I really like that it comes in a travel/storage case and though it’s nothing fancy, it’s practical as it can be wiped clean easily. Everything fits inside without having to resurrect a tetris puzzle each time. Inside you will find:

  • The air compressor
  • Airbrush gun in holster
  • Instructional DVD
  • Eye dropper
  • Baby wrench
  • AC Adapter Power Cord
  • Hose
  • Warranty such and such

The Foundations
Belletto sent 8 foundations, a blush and a highlighter with the airbrush system. The foundation are broken into P-for pink and Y-for yellow. For a makeup artist, this is incredibly helpful. It takes a lot of the guess work out of shade matching with multiple clients. All the Belletto foundations are water-based, oil-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free and silicone-free. If you have skin that breaks out easily, I think you’ll be in the clear. However, if you have dry skin, you may find these overly matte as I did. I gotta do the dew and there is no dewiness to these at all. I moisturized well prior to using but I still feel that the finish is a bit matte for my taste. I did prep an older client’s face with Embryolisse and found the Belletto foundation looked gorgeous on her so it truly is a texture preference thing. What these foundations do perhaps best is last They feel budge-proof and for summer weddings and outdoor events, what more can you ask for?!
As far as colors go, I’d like to see a little more range in the lighter end of the spectrum. I find that the yellow shades could still be a bit more yellow. I created a color chart here.

Blush & Highlighter
The blush color I was sent, Coraleia, is ok. When used carefully, it looks pretty natural, but I felt it got a chalky if you weren’t careful. The highlighter, Bling It On, is a pale gold color, which is great for yellow undertones like mine, but it’s just way too sparkly to be a natural highlighter for the face. It would probably be gorgeous on the decollate but I didn’t like that I could see actually specks of sparkle in it. I will try their Pearl highlighter with Lustre Drops and let you know how it goes.

The Equipment
I love the compressor! It’s so light, compact, portable, sleek and most of all-quiet! It can tend to move around on a hard surface so you make sure not to put it on the edge of a table! Belletto sells another compressor that has just low, medium and high settings, but I prefer the dial so you can fine-tune the pressure.
I can tell the gun is very well-made. It feels light and comfortable in the hand, but solid. It’s made of stainless steel and it’s easy to clean. I will tell you, it is a 3.5 mm gun and silicone-based makeups like Temptu will not go through it. It may appear to at first, but it will eventually clog. I’ve tried it so take it from me! I got the Temptu 4.0 mm gun to use specifically with S/B foundations and reserve my Belletto gun for water-based ones only! That being said, you can use any water-based foundation with this gun! I really want to try Kett and OCC’s next. I did order the Belletto Lustre Drops from Zulily to see if I can’t achieve a more dewy look with a water-based formula.

Ease of Application
Of course it takes a few practice rounds before it feels natural, but once you imagine the airbrush gun is just a pen, and you get the feel for keeping your arm moving, you’ll see it’s a breeze. If you’re a brunette like me, wear a head wrap and shield your lashes and brows as they can pick up overspray and take on a gray appearance. I always do my eyes first so I can wipe away shadow fallout before foundation, but save brows and mascara for after airbrush.

Finish & Wear
The finish is truly matte. I would describe the look on the skin as porcelain doll-like. The wear is great. I just airbrushed a bridal party during one of the most humid days I can remember at an outdoor, lakeside wedding. When the girls came in from their outdoor photos, I was delighted to see little to no oily-ness or shine! The boys? Yes, but the girls were fresh-faced! I did use a powder highlighter after airbrushing on them to bring back that bridal glow and that seemed to work just fine. I did use Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray once the airbrush foundation had dried. I am not sure if that is kosher, but I actually liked the way it softened the matte finish.

I would describe the coverage as buildable. If you have dark circles, areas of hyperpigmentation or blemishes, you’ll want to conceal those first, prior to airbrushing. Because the airbrush is such a fine mist, you would have to do many, many passes on some dark spots and while the coverage will build to where you need it, it will look cakey and artificial. When I didn’t properly conceal first, the finish was too heavy due to my layering to achieve proper coverage.

Compared to pro systems like Temptu, Iawata and Kett, Belletto is quite affordable. Dinair is very comparable if not possibly cheaper. There’s too much As-Seen-On-TV crap on the Luminess site for me to even locate a price, or I would.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Moisturize and prime like a motha.
  2. Keep er’ movin! Don’t let your hand rest in any area. Small circles, small circles, small circles.
  3. Conceal first. Use cream or liquid concealers before airbrushing so that you can keep your foundation lightweight and prevent cake face.
  4. Clean your airbrush after every use. Spray purified water through it into a paper towel. I also used a precision Q-tip with rubbing alcohol to clean inside the bowl and around the needle tip.
  5. Use promo code: wakeup50 on the Belletto Studio site so you can get half off!

Bottom Line
I think this is a well-made, easy-to-use airbrush system that is perfect for those embarking on the AB journey!
I don’t love the Belletto makeup for dry-skinned girls like myself who love the dewy look, but it’s great to practice with and oily-skin girls might love it.
I look forward to experimenting with other water-based formulas as well as making my own. But this is a great little compresser and gun. I see no reason to up the equipment, just the makeup I use in it!

Watch it in action!

Belletto Studio on mah face
(I did not retouch any blemishes, pores, wrinkles, etc. in any of the photos below)


After Party


If you’re jonesing to get airbrushing, visit Belletto Studio and definitely, most certainly enter the code wakeup50. Why? Because you get 50% off the entire site, that’s why! I’m so appreciative to Belletto for offering this code for you, my little darlings! Thank yoooou!


  • Because of your review and discount code, I caved in and finally bought this! I haven’t used it yet since I’ve been so busy but I’m excited for my first try this weekend!

    • I hope you like it! It definitely takes a few times before you get the hang of it. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Does anyone else find more clogged pores after using this airbrush system? I love how easy it is to use but find myself having more clogged pores than ever. Thoughts, suggestions ? I only use about 6-7 drops of foundation and two luster drops to avoid looking matte.

    • What a bummer, Chrissy! Are you using a primer before? I think that definitely helps. Because the airbrush gun sprays the finest mist of makeup possible, the particles are teeny tiny therefore could rest in pores a little easier maybe?
      I have easily clogged pores too though. Sigh…such is life.

      • That’s so great to hear, Taylor! It certainly makes sense too, given that it’s the lightest application of foundation you can get!

      • Mine has as well, I am however having an issue however figuring out which color I should be buying, I know the shade as in F1’s and F2’s but the color chart on the sight doesn’t say that just the actual color name and I dont know the color names 🙁 And I only know the tones I need because of your instagram chart!!!

        • Hi Colleena! Are you ordering refills or is this your first time using Belletto’s foundation? I like Belletto’s machine a lot but I’d recommend a different brand’s water-based foundation. I really liked Dinair’s and the color range was much better! OCC makes one too that is water-based! Email me at if you have more in-depth questions and I’ll certainly try to help you!

        • That being said, let me know what shade you’re looking for and I’ll go look at mine and tell you the color name. You’re right-since they’ve updated the site, there are only shade names, no numbers. Frustrating!

          • WOW you’re quick! 🙂 I’m needing the 3 lighter shades… from your post I’m thinking F1Y, F2Y and F2P. And I am new to the airbrush system, I purchased second hand from amakeup artist that never really used it. Was told it was light shades and one I got home and unopened everything came to find out is was a bit tanner with the lightest shade being sahara something… So I tried it, yeah- too dark EEK! However, I LOVE the feel for it the length of time it stayed on and it did help my skin with even just one use! So now I am on the hunt for lighter shades. I REALLY want to try the Dinair Camouflage for spot treatments as I do have some random blemishes and scarring but concerned that it says “water based with alcohol” which worries me because I know Belletto is strictly water based.. Any experience with this?? And I do tend to have naturally oily skin through out the day…

          • Ok Miss Colleena! Here’s what I’ve got for ya: F1Y=Creme De La, F2Y=Brulee’, F2p=Bisque.
            As for Dinair’s Paramedical for camouflaging tattoos, scars, etc., the alcohol is going to make it last on the skin much longer. It is fine to use in a Belletto machine but it could be drying is all. I’ve run straight-up alcohol through my Belletto and it’s ok!

  • I recently purchased this system and I am not sure if there is a way to fix it, but mine sprays out the foundation or whatever is in it as soon as I put it in. I don’t even pull the trigger and it sprays the product out before I even apply to my face or client face. You can’t even control application because its continuous. Any suggestions or anyone else had this happen or did I get a faulty system?

    • Hi Katelin! How frustrating! I’m sorry to hear that. That should not be happening, but I’ve heard of it before. It sounds like either your needle is not pushed in all the way, or the trigger has come loose. Have you taken your gun apart recently? If not, I would re-insert your needle and tighten the trigger. If you need help, I know it’s scary to dissemble your gun but I’ve done it a few times now so I could help you!

  • I just found your review and it’s great. I am wondering if you have any tricks for airbrushing under your eyes? I have this kit and it settles into my fine lines and looks cakey. Thanks

    • So, I conceal my under eye area before airbrushing and don’t use airbrush for much coverage there. It’s just too hard with a water-based formula not to get a dry/cakey look! I’d just color correct/conceal to your liking first and use the airbrush just barely pass over there.

  • I know this is an older post and I remember reading them when you first posted them! I am so interested in getting an airbrush system! Is your discount code still available? And do you still suggest the Belletto over Temptu for personal use? Thanks love!!

    • I think it still should be? I don’t remember them telling me an expiration, so it’s certainly worth a try! I will be reviewing the Dinair system soon so after that, I’ll have a proper answer for which is best for consumers vs. pros! I like the Temptu on bridal clients but on myself, I can’t decide just yet…

      • I am currently deciding beetween the Dinair and the Belleto for use on myself and friends. I have acne problems and oily skin. In examples of the Dinair being used on acne prone skin they use the system to conceal by holding the gun closer to the face, the result looks great although i feel like this could be bias considering these videos are coming from the site. Money isn’t really a problem i just want the better and more effective system. So which would you say is better?

        • I would suggest Dinair for sure. You get much more for your money and the Dinair foundation formula is world’s better than Belletto’s. I do think the Belletto gun and compressor is very well made, so you can certainly use any water-based foundation you want in it.

    • Haha! My friends and I say “girlfran!” too 🙂 I will say that the Dinar machine came with about 50x more accessories and such and has a TON of training materials so I’m anxious to test it’s performance. Today hopefully. I’ll post a review and video!

  • You just made my night, and probably the rest of my airbrush makeup experience!!!! Thank you!! I know what I will be buying now 🙂

  • Hi! Do you have an updated coupon code? The one listed here doesn’t seem to be applying. Thanks!!

    • Hi Lisa! My code has expired but another reader shared that bellettolove gets you 30% off. I also have 20% off Dinair with wakeup20. Sorry about the original code but I hope you are at least able to save a little!

  • Hi Ivy,

    Do you know if with the belleto, I can use other airbrush make up with it?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Andrea! Yes-you can use any water-based airbrush makeup in the Belletto gun. The only type you can’t use with it would be Temptu’s as it’s silicone based and could clog more easily. I’d try Dinair’s makeup as I really liked it. Kett and OCC also make popular airbrush makeup formulas. Hope that helps!

  • I was informed I could use the same compressor for at-home airbrush tanning as well. Do you know if this is correct and what attachment I would need in order to do it? Also if a water-based solution, it should be safe to use correct?

  • Hello, Can you tell me if Belletto Studio have gone out of business? I want back to using my airbrush make up and really liked theirs.

    Thank you

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