Best Beauty Products 2016

I tried a lot, and I mean a LOT of beauty products in 2016. There were some I liked, some I felt meh about, some I completely hated and a special few that I really loved. I’ll be telling you about some of my most memorable finds today in my best of beauty 2016!

  • I’ve never been a big bronzer afficianado. If I contour, I use a contour powder, not a bronzer. I’m pale and I don’t try to fight it. However, the Physcian’s Formula Butter Bronzer became one of my BFFS this year. It isn’t shimmery, it’s not orange, it’s light enough that it can be built up gradually and it smells like a delicious tropical cocktail. I love using it as a crease color too as seen in this tutorial. My full review can be found here.
  • I don’t skimp on skincare and I never go to bed without doing my routine. It really pays off, sometimes, so much that complete strangers compliment me on my skin. This happened in 2016 thanks to LimeLight by Alcone One Drop Wonder. I’m no stranger to facial oils and I’ve tried many but this one was different than any other I’ve tried before. Free of the usual suspects like argan and jojoba, this contains just one ingredient, 100% pomifera oil. Check out my detailed review here for more info on why this has changed my skin this year.
  • I don’t think anyone is ever shocked by a positive ABH brow product review but I wasn’t sold on the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer when it came out, simply because I already loved their Brow Wiz and thought, what could be better? However, color me wrong because I really like this for a few reasons. Like Brow Wiz, it creates realistic brows, but way faster since it covers more surface area. The triangular shape doesn’t create the hair-like strokes as well but is better for those like me who just need filling and shading.

I feel like a turd for never doing an actual tutorial with this but I guess I’ve just been too busy enjoying it! The  is everything I hoped it would be. Even though it would make a great addition to my freelance kit, I’m selfish and kept it for myself. It’s the only palette I took on my New York trip and it’s my go-to, no-brainer palette when I don’t want to think. Read about the shades I use more in my full review here.

I love this little bouncy rose gold shadow so damn much. The MIZON Jelly Shadow in Pink Beige is the perfect low-maintenance, high-impact eyeshadow for busy people and minimalists alike. I professed my love to it here and used it in a tutorial here. Use this link to save $10 on it, making it only 7 bucks!

I hope 2017 brings lots of good vibes, good products, good music, good shows, good food. May 2017 bring the good more than it brings the bad.

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