Best Beauty Products of 2023

Before we get into the best beauty products of the year, I wanted to share a quick personal recap. A friend shared an Instagram post that said:

2021 changed me.
2022 broke me.
2023 opened my eyes.
2024 I’m coming back.

2022 did not break me. 2022 destroyed me.

Contrary to the quote, I feel like 2023 is actually the year I came back to life.

I turned 40.

My husband and I designed and built a mid-century inspired den addition on our house.

I went to Nashville as part of the iArtist program and it was super transformative.

I began working on a project that will launch next year.

I saw Odesza again.

I hosted a live shopping format show with the Italian skincare brand SKIN&CO.

I did makeup for 40 weddings.

I began eating to accommodate my hereditary fructose intolerance and cut back on drinking wine. As a result, I eliminated a great deal of inflammation and lost 30 pounds in the process.

I can’t wait to see what 2024 holds as 2023 ended up being a true gift of a year.

All that being said, here are the best beauty products I tried in 2023.

Milk Makeup Future Fluid

I haven’t been this impressed with a concealer in many moons. I used Milk Makeup’s Future Fluid more than any other makeup product I purchased in 2023. I just replenished it actually. It doesn’t contain silicone so I’m truly perplexed as to how it blends so seamlessly and keeps the skin looking so smooth. I’ve loved it not only in the under eye area but all over the face worn as foundation. I use 2-3 different shades to create the best dimensional match.

Shark FlexStyle

It may be a late in the year add but there’s no way Shark FlexStyle isn’t blowing it’s way into the faves. I’ve used it almost every single time I’ve washed my hair since getting it. It has made my hair far more manageable, enabling me to wash and style it less. Refresh your memory with my review HERE.

ELF Halo Halo Glow Contour wand

I was not about to spend the money on the Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand and figured the elf version was worth a shot. It sure was. The color is perfect and it blends out beautifully. It adds non-shimmery warmth that makes the face looks a bit more sculpted, and a whole lot prettier. The applicator isn’t perfect as it’s sometimes a bit leaky, but it’s nothing serious for the price.

Tower 28 Making Waves Mascara

Of all the newly-launched mascaras I tried in 2023, Tower 28’s was the winner. Whenever people would compliment my long lashes, this is the mascara I was wearing the majority of the time. It lifts lashes and holds that lift throughout the day. It separates to highlight each individual lash. It lengthens more than it volumizes and that’s just what I like.

Makeup By Mario SurrealSkin Foundation

For me, Mario’s foundation gave me what I wanted in 2023. It gave me medium coverage and luminosity in a good shade match. It gave me healthy looking skin. It gave me glow. I know it wasn’t for everyone, with some lamenting at the overly yellow shades, but that ended up working in my favor. It’s definitely best suited to normal to dry types so if you’re oily, you can skip her. See more of my thoughts on it HERE.

Hero Cosmetics Force Shield

I finished this SPF down to the last drop and I don’t know the last time that’s happened. It’s the texture for me. It’s not overly dewy or sticky and sits perfectly under makeup. I also really love it’s airless pump tube packaging. This is a no-brainer repurchase for me, which I will actually be doing right now.

ELF Lash ‘N Roll Mascara

I am crowning this the best drugstore mascara of the year. If you want the effect of Tower 28’s mascara for a fraction of the price, Elf Lash and Roll is a great stand in. I love the brush style, the formula’s consistency and the flake-free wear.

Colourpop Glowing Lipstick

At $8, this hydrating, balm-meets-lipstick in the shade La Cienega was my easy, flattering go to. I would describe the color as a spiced rose. I reached for this lip product more than any other in 2023.

Dieux Skin Forever Eye Mask

Heavily copied, never duplicated, these ultra thin silicone eye masks seal in moisture and act as shadow shields for makeup application. I got the limited edition angel wing ones and they are so pretty. Check them out HERE. Whichever style you choose, you’ll see how special these are and why they made my 2023 best beauty products list.

Honest Beauty Get It Together Eye Palette

This is the best drugstore palette I’ve come across in a long time. It’s rare to find a “clean” formula that performs really well, in palette with all wearable shades no less. There are no duds in the bunch. I love that it has both browns and purple tones, in addition to black and cream for a fully comprehensive range. See how easy it is to use HERE.

come back for more in 2024!

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