Best Beauty Products of 2022

I have a list on my phone that I update throughout the year when I’m especially impressed with a beauty product. Some of the criteria that determines what products make the best of list are:

  • Does this fill a need in the beauty landscape?
  • Is this unlike what currently exists in the market?
  • Is this worth the retail price?
  • Is it user friendly?
  • Does this do what it says and then some?
  • Is it enjoyable to use? Do I look forward to it?

Here are the products that passed the test and why.

ZIIP Electrical Facial Device

I have been interested in microcurrent’s effect on the skin ever since having it done at a facial years ago. In an effort to reduce some of this year’s trauma on my face, I purchased the ZIIP facial device, which administers both nano and microcurrents to the skin.

As with any beauty device or product, results come with consistent use. I’ve been a faithful ZIIP user and not only do I enjoy this addition to my beauty ritual, I see subtle but noticeable lift in my face. For someone who is putting Botox off as long as possible, (I’m 39), this is key.

Click HERE for my full breakdown post with my before and after pics. If you want to get in on this micro/nano current life, use code IVYZIIP to save 25%, which comes out to $123.75 off!

Hourglass Extensions Unlocked Mascara

This is the most impressive mascara I’ve tried in a long time. I am blown away with the length it gives. I love the brush style for it’s ability to keep lashes separated and fanned out and fact that it’s a tubing mascara? Cherry on top. Its just so well rounded and excellent. Click HERE to see me wearing Hourglass Extensions Unlocked, up close and in 4K.

Dr. Dennis Gross LED mask

Of all the beauty devices I’ve tried, this one has made the most noticeable difference. With consistent use, I really do see softened expression lines on my forehead. I fully believe in red light’s benefits and would repurchase this mask without hesitation.

There is real science and data behind red light therapy, making it beauty tech worth investing in.
I’ve tried a comparable red light mask, one of the flexible style ones, and I still much prefer this one. It couldn’t be easier to use; it’s actually quite relaxing!

Head HERE for my full review, including before and after photos.

JVN Hair Care

As a member of the JVN community, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about this new line first hand, even from Jonathan himself. He answered one of my questions on Zoom! I’ve learned so much about my hair from him, not only how to use these products, but how to style it as well.

My favorites from the line so far have been the Air Dry Cream, Scalp Oil, Instant Recovery Serum and Blowout Milk. I just tried the new Embody Volumizing Foam for the first time and it’s already a favorite too. It gives serious body that holds!

If you want to try JVN Hair, make sure to use my code on their website.
Use code JVNIvyBoy to save 20% off. And yes, it’s Boy.

Versed Mood Lighting Glow Drops

I love this liquid illuminator applied under foundation and/or mixed in or on top. Though I haven’t personally tried the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, I probably won’t because this fills that need perfectly and is far more affordable.

There are two shades available. I use Sheer Golden on myself and have Sheer Bronzed for possible body use and on set. The two shades can be mixed too. It’s not a high pigment load so quite adaptable for a variety of skin tones.

Makeup by Mario Softsculpt Transforming Skin Enhancer

I would describe this product as the translucent, cream bronzer I never knew I needed. I use it to add warmth and additional melasma camouflage around my hairline and just under the cheekbones. I’m using shade Light Medium. It looks realistic, flattering and healthy. I like it applied with both a brush and beautyblender, but don’t prefer one over the other.
I thought I had other cream bronzers in my collection that fit this need, but this really is unique and I don’t like my makeup without it now!

Kosas Tinted Face Oil

This wasn’t what I expected it to be, in a good way. I thought it would feel quite oily-it doesn’t. I thought it would have minimal coverage-it’s light to medium. It applies best with fingers and sets to a semi-matte finish. It wears well, it feels good on, it’s easy to use and it’s pretty on. Pro tips: Make sure to shake well and use less than you initially think. The first few times I used it, I definitely overestimated.

Peach & Lily Overnight Star Cream

An ultra thick night cream always feels luxurious to me. This is so fully hydrating, smells nice and maybe best of all, it’s Cookie Monster blue. I love all the emollient ingredients in this like: Squalane, Glycerin, Jojoba, Macadamia Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and Moringa Seed Oil.

Smashbox Halo Cream Lip + Cheek Tint

The texture of this is like a liquid and cream blush combined. It applies easily with a small brush or fingers, sets to a powder finish and makes a beautiful, soft matte, blotted lip color effect too. I like using at least 2 shades to create the prettiest flushing effect.

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