Best Dollar Tree Beauty Buys

If the phrase, great Dollar Tree beauty products sounds like an oxymoron, look; you just have to trust me on this. In the hierarchy of dollar stores, I rank Dollar Tree top tier, even if they did recently transition to being the $1.25 store 😒

While I certainly wouldn’t buy all my beauty supplies at Dollar Tree, these items are the ones you definitely shouldn’t skip on your next stroll down the dollarful aisles.

If you bought every item in this post, it would only set you back $12.50.

Makeup Vanishing Towel

I have enjoyed using this round bootleg with a balm or oil cleanser to easily remove a face of makeup. I also like to keep a damp one at my makeup desk to clean up after eye makeup before moving onto foundation, instead of wasteful makeup wipes.

Faux Mink Eyelashes

I honestly thought Dollar Tree’s lashes would be pure trash, and you know what? They aren’t! The Ioni faux mink line is quite easy to work with and at just $1.25, you can toss them at the end of the night without a thought. They would also make great practice lashes for beginners.

Cooling Eye Mask

This cooling eye mask is my most used item from Dollar Tree and the reason is low key depressing. I use it every time I cry so that I don’t wake up with puffy, swollen eyes. Let’s just say, I’ve pulled this out of the freezer so many times this year already that I’ve lost count.

Brow Wax Pencil

I remember trying to add this elf product to a recent Ulta order and it was out of stock. I was thrilled to see it at Dollar Tree and even more so when I tried it. It does what the $21 does for $1.25.

Latex Free Sponges

These are not thick, dense sponges, but rather super marshmallowy soft. That texture is exactly what makes them special. Unlike a dense wedge sponge, these deposit an appropriate amount of powder under the eye, pressing it in seamlessly, vs. dumping it on. I also like to spray it with setting spray and use that to set under eye concealer instead of just powder.

Alcohol Prep Pads

These are technically a first aid item, but let me tell you why you need them in your beauty routine. When I paint my own nails, I’ve found the key is wiping the nail bed off with an alcohol pad before going in with polish. These are the perfect size for your DIY manis, as well as for wiping down pencil liners, sharpeners, lash curlers, and even dirty cell phones.

Lip Scrubber

I love a lip scrub, but often find myself not using them, not wanting to dip my finger into the little pot. These silicone lip scrubbers solve that problem. You can use them with some lip balm or warm water, but I prefer to amp it up with a scrub.

Facial Mask Applicator

I always like the idea of applying a face mask, until I have to use my fingers to spread it around. This silicone mask spatula eliminates that, and also ensures you get a nice, evenly distributed layer. You can also use these for mixing up your own DIY masks.

wet n wild brushes

These synthetic brushes can be used in liquids, creams or powders and because of their light bristles, show you exactly how much product you’ve picked up. Pro tip: use an eyeshadow brush like this one to apply and buff out under eye concealer instead of a flat brush.

Petroleum Jelly

If you’re ready to get on the slugging skincare trend, no need to spend more than $1.25. If you aren’t familiar, slugging is basically applying a thick, occlusive moisturizer like petroleum jelly after you’ve applied your other serums and moisturizers at night. This will prevent TEWL overnight-trans-epidermal water loss.

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