7 best Essence products you’re going to love

If you’ve never tried anything from Essence, oh my gosh; please keep reading. I’m so excited to tell you about the best Essence products because not only does the cruelty free brand make some excellent staple products, they are beyond affordable. We’re talking $5 mascaras and $3 makeup brushes, kids.

Essence was founded in Germany in 2001, arriving in the US in 2008. It just launched in CVS stores last year but I’ve always purchased it at Ulta.

I’m excited to bring you this Essence makeup review because some of these products just seem too good to be true.

Essence Lash Princess

The hype is real, kids. Speaking of, it’s my senior picture kid clients that put me onto this. One of my senior picture girls asked if I’d use her mascara and it was the Essence Lash Princess. I was sold.

For $5, I really can’t believe how quickly this builds length and volume for mega big lashes.

It’s prone to smudging for sure, so if you have oily lids or plan on crying, I’d definitely recommend the waterproof version.

I’d recommend regular on top, waterproof on bottom so grab this duo pack.

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter

This is the highlighter I’d recommend for anyone 30+. It gives the skin a diffused, soft glow but doesn’t accentuate the skin texture in a gross way. It’s not the blinding light style, so someone might actually think you just have pretty skin!

Essence Shine Shine Shine

This is super shiny, has a very real vanilla scent and feels nice on. I like to get really out of control and apply like 15 layers until my lips looks like a plastic mannequin. It’s just that perfect, clear gloss for less than a fiver.

Essence has more than affordable makeup; they have some really versatile brushes too. The Essence makeup brushes have become staples in both my freelance kit and my personal collection, a true testament to their greatness.

Eye Blender Brush

I would call this a crease brush. It’s great for swiping a matte shade in the crease to serve as a transition shade, as well as blending out hard edges.

Because it’s synthetic, another use for it would be to apply under eye concealer in a soft, buffing motion. I actually love brushes like this for the most natural under eye concealer, especially on mature skin.

Bronzer Brush

Again, ignore the name, because I use this for applying loose setting powder and sweeping my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder all over the high points of the face. You can apply bronzer too of course, but I find I use it for the other purposes more often.

Precise Eyeliner Brush

It’s a bold claim, but this is my favorite angled liner brush for gel liner application. My favorite is $2.99. Read it again.

I love this brush so much that I’ve probably bought 8 of of them for my freelance kit.

Smokey Eyes Brush

Unlike the other brushes, I use this one for exactly what it says! This is the perfect brush for smudging soft pencil liners into an effortless, easy smokey eye. I demonstrate this technique in this IGTV video.

I hope this Essence review has convinced you to try some of their products if you haven’t. What do you have to lose besides $3-5?!


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