The best magnetic lashes might just be these

As a makeup artist, I am asked about magnetic lashes several times a week. Everyone seems curious if magnetic lashes work, if they stay on, are magnetic lashes any easier to apply than traditional lashes with glue?

Not into the magnetic eyelashes I’ve tried in the past, a frequent lash lift fan, but always on a quest to answer burning beauty queries, I jumped at the chance to try Glamnetic magnetic lashes. A few things stood out to me compared to to other magnetic eyelash products currently on the market:

  • Glamnetic lashes utilize a magnetic liner for the lash to adhere to, vs. the sandwich style, where there is a top and bottom lash that must connect.
  • Glamnetic lashes are the only ones with 6 magnets.
  • Female-founded
  • Vegan options
glamnetic magnetic eyelashes
I chose the vegan lashes in Virgo, Venus and Verified and the black Liquid Magnetic Liner.

Glamnetic let me choose 3 pairs of lashes for review purposes and the liner of my choosing.

glamnetic magnetic eyelash styles
From top to bottom: Virgo, Venus, Verified


Glamnetic has both mink and vegan faux mink options. I only chose the vegan option, their faux mink magnetic lashes. Mink lashes really bother me, no matter how much they insist the animals aren’t killed for their fur.

glamnetic magnetic eyelash varieties
Top to Bottom: Venus, Verified, Virgo

I’d say the lash styles lean more on the dramatic side, but there are still several subtle options to choose from. I’d like to see a few more dainty ones in the mix.

Of the 3 styles I tried, Venus ended up being my favorite I think. I’d choose Virgo for a subtle, day time look. Verified are just too dramatic for my taste, but they didn’t look super ridiculous or anything either.

Wearing glamnetic magnetic eyelashes in Virgo
Wearing Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes in Virgo, the most subtle style I chose.


These aren’t extremely affordable when compared to drugstore options but I’d compare the $30 price tag to most high end, reusable lashes.

It’s a bummer to have to purchase the liner separately, but at least once you have the liner, you can just buy lashes solo. They do sell sets as well, with liner included.

glamnetic magnetic eyelashes in Verified
Glamnetic Verified Lashes and Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner

Ease of Application

These are easy to use, but there was just one fork in the road. The Magnetic Liquid Liner just kept getting on the tips of my lashes and gooping them together. If I could avoid that, the process would be pretty ideal.

I think I’ll try their felt tip liner next as it seems far less likely to clump lashes together if it should touch them. I also love that it comes in brown!

Applying glamnetic magnetic eyelashes
Use a tweezers to apply! It was actually easier than using my fingers.

I found that applying with tweezers actually was the easiest. To my surprise, the metal tweezer didn’t attach to the magnets either. I’d recommend tweezers for sure.

wearing glamnetic magnetic eyelashes in Verified
Wearing the most dramatic style I chose, Verified


I put the biggest style on and walked outside to check the mail on a super gusty day. The lashes held tight and didn’t feel insecure or mobile at all! They passed the wind test. Very impressed.

Glamnetic says with proper care, you can wear the same pair of lashes up to 35 times. Now that’s some good bang for your buck.

glamnetic magnetic eyelashes in Venus
Wearing Glamnetic Faux Mink Magnetic Lashes in Venus


This is where the Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes really shocked me. They were extremely comfortable. I forgot I had them on almost instantly, something that rarely, if ever, happens with traditional lashes and glue.

I have pretty large eyes, so no need to trim these, but I assume trimming would be necessary with a smaller eye and you’d likely lose a magnet in the process.

3 different glamnetic magnetic lash styles on

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wanting to try magnetic lashes, try these. Glamnetic lashes are high quality, easy to apply once you master the liner, and most of all, so comfortable on. Let me know if you try them and what you think!

Lashes and liner provided for review purposes by Glamnetic. No financial compensation was received. Post does not contain affiliate links.


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