6 High Quality Makeup Brush Brands to elevate your makeup

The right makeup brush can make all the difference between a makeup application that looks polished and profesh or like legit and total garbage.

Makeup brushes pick up pigment, disperse and diffuse it onto the skin. The quality, material and and shape of the bristles provide different effects and a well-rounded brush collection has a variety. I enjoy brushes in a range of price points as well.

Left to right: Real Techniques, Cozzette, Sephora PRO, Sigma, Sonia Kashuk, It Cosmetics

The brushes below are staples in my freelance kit, therefore, what I love using on clients, but I would just as happily use them myself too. There are a variety of price points so a lil somethin’ fur all y’alls.

Founded by the adorable Pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nic, is a line that has remained one of the very best affordable brush brands in the game. All of the brushes are synthetic, great quality and perhaps best of all, accessible, available at Ulta, Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc

I will say; I prefer their face brushes to their eye brushes as I find those true perform the best.

Standout Brushes


I first met founder Roque Cozzette at The Makeup Show Chicago. I approached the Cozzette booth, having heard nothing but rave reviews of his brushes. I purchased several in unique shapes that didn’t already exist in my collection. I was more than happy with the line.

The Cozzette brushes are synthetic, but don’t feel that way at all. I really feel like they make my applications easier and more enjoyable.

Standout Brushes

Back when I worked at Sephora, I would buy 1 brush per week with my discount to build up my collection. I purchased brushes from and these have lasted longer than any other brush in my arsenal. They are so well made, never ever shed, and really perform.

Make sure the brush has the word PRO in the name because Sephora does have a basic line as well.

Standout Brushes

Though it’s namesake creator Sonia Kashuk is no longer involved with the brand and the color cosmetics have been phased out, their makeup brushes remain super strong.

My Sonia Kashuk brushes from Target have worn extremely well and their seasonal brush sets often go on sale, making them an incredible value.

Standout Brushes

It Cosmetics

As a brand overall, It Cosmetics doesn’t really excite me. However, their brushes are probably my favorite synthetic brushes overall.

It’s weird how their products underwhelm me but their brushes are so unparalleled. They aren’t cheap, but definitely worth it.

Standout Brushes

Sigma Beauty

Sigma has been offering cruelty free, vegan brushes made with their special SigMax and SigmaTech fibers since 2009. The brush handles are made from responsibly-sourced wood and they offer a really wide variety of shapes and sets.

Standout Brushes

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite makeup brushes. Please think of me when I’m washing all 4,000 of them on a Friday night.

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