Head to the Container Store for the best makeup organizer

When I stored my makeup in drawers, it was out of sight, out of mind. I would find I never used certain products, simply because I’d forgotten I even had them! This 3 tier cart has made the best makeup organizer, allowing me to actually see everything, thus utilizing more of my products.

There are many versions of the 3 tier cart but I purchased mine at my local Container Store. They also sell various accessories that make it even more functional.

makeup organizer cart
3 Tier Rolling Cart, $29.99

I also recently spoke to Porch.com for this piece about the must have items in your beauty room so head over there if you want more ideas.

I store my makeup in several ways, but keep reading to see why I love using my 3 tier cart as my main makeup organizer.

3 tier white rolling cart

Why a rolling cart makes a great makeup organizer

  • They can be easily moved and relocated
  • The open design allows you to see all of your products easily
  • They are usually metal, therefore magnetic, and allow for accessories to be attached
  • You can put additional boxes, bins, dividers inside to create your own sections.
  • Most are very affordable

There are a few size, shape and color variations of the rolling carts so I’m sure you’ll find something that fits your space and style.

Here are a few accessories I’ve added to my makeup cart and why.

white rolling cart
Rolling Cart Lid shown on bottom level

Rolling Cart Lid

This accessory can be placed on any level of the cart to create a flat surface. It serves as an additional workspace and also serves as a lid to protect the products inside from dust, sunlight, children’s fingers, etc.

top view white rolling cart

Magnetic pencil holders

On the right side in the photo above, you’ll see all my lip and eyeliners in small magnetic holders. I can easily see all the colors and store my felt tip liners upside down so the ink is flowing through and ready to use.

I can’t seem to find the one I have online but this would just as well.

magnetic organizer for pens

I attached an extra small magnetic holder for small tools on the side. I like having my tweezers and extractor readily available like this.

I can’t seem to find this anymore either, but you can use any magnetic organizers. This one would serve the same purpose.

hanging cup on rolling cart
Hanging Organizer Cup

Rolling Cart Hanging Organizer Cup

I attached a cup for storing my beauty sponges. You could also use this for brushes, pencil products or other stick products. I like having plenty of clean, dry sponges ready to go in my cup.

If one of your 2021 goals is to get organized, head to The Container Store, get this cart and get that makeup chaos whipped into shape. You’ll feel very accomplished and your makeup will be happy too.

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