Best Sephora Gift Sets 2022

When it comes to holiday shopping for a beauty lover, the Sephora gift sets are where it’s at. These curated sets are always an impressive value and the best way to try a multitude of products at a lower price point.

I’ve rounded up what I consider to be the best Sephora gift sets this year, all gifts I’d be thrilled to unwrap. Add these to your holiday shopping list, pass onto those asking what they can get you, or better yet, buy one for yourself!

Sephora Favorites Holiday gift set

Sephora Favorites Makeup Must Haves

Sephora did a great job on this set, pulling in 9 absolute bangers that would work for almost anyone. I recommend grabbing this quick because at $54, I’m certain it will sell out.

Grande Cosmetics lash and brow set

Grande Cosmetics First Class Beauty Lash and Brow Set

This is a fantastic way to try the lash serum that changed my life, as well as the brow serum and eye makeup products. If you commit to using the lash serum every night for 3 months, I promise you; you’ll be blown away at your own natural lashes. Don’t believe me? Look at MINE.

Dr. Dennis Gross Faceware set exclusive to Sephora

Dr. Dennis Gross Turn Your Glow On Faceware Pro Set

I can’t recommend the Dr. Dennis Gross Faceware LED mask enough. This is an absolute steal because for the same price as the mask alone, you get 3 additional DDG products for no extra charge. This is a limited edition set, exclusive to Sephora and if you need further convincing, just look at my before and after photos HERE.

Sephora Gleamy Dreamy gift set

Sephora Gleamy Dreamy Set

I am super impressed that all but 2 products in this are full size, all for $40! The Fenty gloss is a kit staple for me and I love the Tower 28 cream product formula.

Biossance Miracle Moisture Set

Biossance Miracle Moisture Set

Biossance sent me this set recently and I loved it. The Squalane with Vitamin C Rose Oil is my fave. Watch how I make a delicious little winter moisture sandwich with the kit HERE.

JVN trusted trio essential set of hair products

JVN Trusted Trio Essential Set

This is the best of the JVN gift sets as it contains my 3 faves from the brand. The scalp oil smells positively divine and I’ve loved incorporating oiling my scalp into my routine. The Instant Recovery serum makes for a smooth blow dry or even works great on dry hair for a bit of smoothing. The Air Dry Cream is a must for those with curls or waves.

Sephora Clean beauty set

Sephora Sparkly Clean Beauty Set

What a great little comprehensive clean set. 2 of the products are full size, the rest mini. This contains some of the most buzzy clean beauty brands right now and clean beauty fans are sure to be impressed.

Rare Beauty blush trio

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch 3 Blush set

Admittedly, this is the only product I’ve not tried for myself. However! You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t love it. The multiple TikToks speak for themselves. With 3 shades, one could custom mix the perfect blush.

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