Best Ulta Beauty Products

We tend to have low expectations of house brands. It makes sense. The packaging isn’t as fancy, the fonts are kinda weird and they may not smell quite the same. Not everything from a house brand is solid but there are usually a few stellar why-pay-more finds.

The brand contains such things. For me, these 9 products are the brand’s hero products. You can save yourself some money and rest assured you’re still getting quality, cruelty free products.

I was looking for a cheaper alternative to my beloved one day and stumbled upon this gem! It blends out really nicely and gives the right amount of coverage too. The shade range is also really good.

This mascara has the full, fluffy brush style I like and gives me dark, lush, voluminous lashes. It reminds me of another old fave (that isn’t cruelty-free) L’oreal Voluminous.

I have used this as a cream shadow, not an eye primer and I love it. Peach Glow is a gorgeous color for green and blue eyes. I like to apply a matte crease color and then pat this onto the lid for a beautiful sheen with low effort. Just make sure not to apply too much as it could get a little greasy feeling.

I love a soft, smudgeable eyeliner and this one is really easy to work with. I prefer the dark brown one for a subtle daytime look.

I have this in coconut and it smells delightful. It really hydrates and gives a glossy shine without a thick or sticky feeling on.

This can be used to place false lashes as it says, but what I really like it for is fusing false lashes together with your natural ones after applied. I used it to pinch and sandwich them together as one and it seems to really help on clients.

I don’t think any self tanning should be occurring without a mitt and here’s an affordable, easy to use one. I like the double sided one so you can get extra mileage out of it!

I always thought these looked kind of silly, until I tried one. It really does make painting your own nails easier and more stable by holding your polish bottle so that you can easily work from it.

Though I didn’t buy the right shade for myself, I know a few other makeup artists that really love these and I can tell the formula is a nice ABH dupe for far less. Now is the perfect time to spend at least $19.50 on products because you get this bomb sample bag worth $88 FO FREE when you do. Seriously, one of these bags is how I discovered so many of my favorites the last time. Like, so worth it.

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  1. Rick Jonie

    08/10/2018 at 10:48 AM

    Hello! I found this article incredibly interesting, especially since Ulta is a cruelty-free company. I was wondering if you knew about any other companies like this? I just found RainShadow Labs and was wondering what you thought of them? They seem to have a good amount of helpful products.

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