Billion Dollar Beauty Review

Back when I was a wee baby blogger, I filmed a video using Billion Dollar Brows products *cringe* and wrote this review. While the brow products are still available, the company has expanded into Billion Dollar Beauty, a line of color cosmetics that live in a refillable, magnetic case.

Billion Dollar Beauty sent some of the products featured in this review. Having enjoyed them, I purchased a few additional BDB products myself. Post contains affiliate links.

Billion Dollar Beauty Box with mirror
The Billion Dollar Box, $9.99, with eye, lip and cheek products

The Billion Dollar Box has a magnetic base and a mirror on the lid. You purchase individual pan products to customize and fill, and refill your box.

Billion Dollar Beauty currently offers a range of eye, brow, lip and cheek products but you could also fill this box with any magnetic pans of your choice.

I’ve been using the Billion Dollar Beauty Box and their products for almost a year now. Each time I do, I feel guilty for not having given you a proper review, so here’s what I’ve found.


  • Affordable-box is $9.99, each pan product is $3.99
  • Sustainable-refillable and made with 30% PCR plastic
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Travel-friendly 
  • Available at Target


  • Cheek products could improved
  • One box doesn’t doesn’t fit everything I want to carry
peachy golden makeup look
Look done using all Billion Dollar Beauty products


Lip Balm

The name is misleading as these so-called lip balms are actually full opacity cream lip colors, not tinted balms.

Name aside, these are my absolute favorite Billion Dollar Beauty product. The shades are all very flattering and the formula is lovely. Pro tip: I’ve used them as cream blushes with super pretty results.


These single pan eyeshadows have nice pigment, low fallout and come in flattering shades.

I’d love to see a true champagne shimmer color added as Golden is more yellow based, as the name suggests.

The color Hickory appears to be a deep chocolate brown online, but in real life, it is a terracotta tone.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. I’ve been able to create some really great looks with these without noticing I was working with $4 shadows.

Billion Dollar Beauty pans
Billion Dollar Beauty products

Brow Powder

This is a great powder formula with sufficient pay off. As with the lip balms, the naming is a little confusing. I wear the color Taupe, which should really be called or Ash Brunette. Typically, Taupe would be a lighter, cool tone shade for blonds, rather than the mid-tone cool brown this is.

Brow Pomade

Brow powder needs hair to stick to, making a waxier brow product like this is ideal for those lacking brow hair. You might also like the hold of this product if you have brow hairs that tend to go rogue.

The formula is not overly pigmented the way ABH Dipbrow is, thus you can build easily without getting out of control. Honestly, I really like this brow pomade.

Billion Dollar Beauty products in packages
Each single pan product is magnetic and retails for $3.99



The Billion Dollar Beauty blush is fine, yet nothing remarkable. The shades are flattering but the formula itself is just an average powder blush. They aren’t highly pigmented, which means they are easy to build, but that also means that I use quite a bit to get the flushed cheek look I like.


That I can see, this only comes in one shade and it’s extremely light, even for me! I was able to use this as a transition eyeshadow shade, but it’s truly not a usable bronzer.


This highlighter’s powder formula feels a bit chunky to me and the shade Mystic looked a tad silvery on my yellow skin tone. I prefer this as an eyeshadow rather than a highlighter.

Billion Dollar Beauty Box with products
The Billion Dollar Box is made with 30% PCR plastic


The Billion Dollar Beauty products are quite good. The refillable box concept is even better.

I would love it if they rebranded. Billion Dollar Beauty just doesn’t resonate. It doesn’t feel as modern as the brand is and it’s confusing that there is a secondary brow-focused brand, Billion Dollar Brows.

The products are great and the branding should be too.

I’d love to see the quality of the cheek products elevated. I’d happily pay $4.99 per pan to account for a better performing product.

pink eyeshadow look
Look created with all Billion Dollar Beauty products

Do I recommend the Billion Dollar Beauty Box?

Yes, for sure. The concept, cost and many of the products are impresssive. I’d skip the face products for now and stock up on the lip, brow and eyeshadow pans.

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