Bite Beauty Multistick Review

It’s no secret that I live and die for . I’ve blogged about the perfect red lipstick, my visit to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in  New York and what I consider to be the best lip balm of all time.

I honestly love every product I try from and their are no exception. I purchased the  to try out the formula and here’s the scoop…poopety scoop…as Kanye West would say

The retails for $24 and comes in 20 shades.
The 2 shades in the are Papaya, bottom and Cashew, top.

The formula

  • 35% powder for a cream-to-powder finish
  • Silicone free
  • Contains squalane (derived from sugarcane)
  • Food grade and safe for eyes, lids and cheeks.

Here’s a photo of me wearing Cashew on my lids, cheeks and lips.

I don’t know where exactly I was looking this photo but I can tell you, it wasn’t at the lens. Sorry. The longer I look at it, the weirder it gets. Ok, ignore me. Just keep scrolling.

Ease of Use
Sometimes these types of products can be sticky, slippery or oily. The Bite Beauty Mulsticks are none of the aforementioned. I think it has a lot to do with the 35% powder formula, but these actually do set and don’t feel sticky and when applied to the lid, miraculously don’t crease. Sorcery!

I also noticed these wore far longer than I ever would have expected them to on my lips. They do not feel drying but seem to wear like a nice, matte lipstick would.

Do I recommend Bite Bite Multisticks?
You probably don’t need to read this far to know that I do, but yes.

Product purchased with own money. Post contains affiliate links.







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