Brows 101 Series-Pencil


Welcome back for another installment in the Brows 101 Series! If you liked Part 1, where we covered the basic guidelines for where to fill in as well as how to use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow, you’re ready for the next phase! Before my beloved Dipbrow waltzed into my life, there was Brow Wiz, also made by eyebrow extraordinaire, Anastasia Beverly Hills!

I know you’re probably like, dude-chill out with the Anastasia! Don’t worry-I don’t work for them and I don’t know her, although I sure wish I did! I just have searched far and wide for the best brow products and these are it. Anastasia does brows best. Plain and simple.

I love Brow Wiz because it’s the perfect slim shape, it’s retractable, it’s firm enough to create those realistic hair-like strokes, it doesn’t melt or break and the color selection is excellent. I have a really hard time finding a brown that isn’t golden or reddish and Medium Ash/Medium Brown seems made for these brows o’ mine. 

The tutorial below will show you how I use the Brow Wiz pencil to define my brows.

When it comes to level of definition and desired look, I’ve give you all the details over in this Divine Caroline piece but to summarize:

  • Very Natural=brow gel
  • Subtle Definition=brow powder
  • Cleanly defined=brow pencil
  • Perfect, strangers-stop-you-on-the-street-brows=brow cream/pomade like Dipbrow


When it comes to extra grooming tools, the above are my little helpers. Due to somewhat sensitive skin, I’ve done poorly with waxing and threading. Cool story-I recently had my face threaded and it hurt so bad I almost peed myself and then I got the worst breakout of my life that only is only now finally starting to heal 2 weeks later. Of course, that is only my personal experience. When I worked at Sephora, the girls with the most perfect brows always told me they were threaded. I’m sure it’s just my skin that can’t handle it but I’ve heard from others they’ve broken out too.

I simply tweeze, which I like for the level of control. I have naturally thicker brows, which I’ve only recently come to appreciate later in life. I’m afraid that anyone else would assume I wanted them thinned out so it’s Tweezerman Pink Perfection Slant Tweezers and I from here on out. I don’t like the pointed ones, too scary.

I always clean up after tweezing with my astringent of choice, Witch Hazel.

I do brush them up and trim them occasionally with brow scissors.

I use a clear brow gel when I need to lock them in place for special events or all day affairs but it’s not a daily must. You can even use clear mascara for this.

I love the NYX Wonder Pencil for quick highlighting under the brow, among many other uses.

I did come across this kit, exclusive to Sephora, which looks really handy and contains a bunch of handy tools for $25.

I’ve purchased this kit before too and it would be a great starting point for those wanting to try out defining with pencil for just $16! Plus, the tweezers are baby-size, great for keeping in your car where you always notice that errant hair. Not even a brow hair because let’s be real, it’s always a weird chin hair. Hi, who invited you? Not me. See yourself to the door.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next chapter in the Brows 101 series where we explore brow powder! <3, Inc.


  1. Ashley

    05/07/2014 at 7:28 AM

    I looooove the Brow Wiz pencil! Great tutorial, babe- now I wanna beef up ‘n sculpt out my brows! 🙂


    1. Ivy Boyd

      05/07/2014 at 8:10 PM

      Oh my gosh, isn’t it the best?! Brow Wiz is truly da best in da biz!

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