Christian Siriano x elf cosmetics

When makeup and Project Runway alum legend Christian Siriano collide, good things are bound to happen. This isn’t the first time that he’s jumped into the makeup game though.

Christian Siriano launched a makeup collection back in 2009 for Victoria’s Secret and has collaborated with other accessible brands like Starbucks, Spiegal, Payless, Kiss and Lane Bryant. He also famously stepped up to dress comedian Leslie Jones, when no one else would.

Of course I love Christian Siriano’s taste level, his designs, his always current vision but perhaps most of all, I fiercely admire his lack of qualms about who he collaborates with and desire to be accessible to everyone. While some designers might stick their nose up at budget brands like Payless and e.l.f., Siriano smartly recognizes he can reach a far wider audience by appealing to the masses.

I love him even more for it. Because of all this, I was so thrilled to receive the Read on and I’ll tell you what I thought of this makeup bag, eyeshadow palette, liquid lipstick and lip gloss. The collection includes an , , and a . This collaboration was inspired by Siriano’s Spring 2018 RTW collection, described as “psychedelic greenhouse” which I just absolutely love the sound of The packaging is just darling and happy. It makes me smile. That’s important with makeup
I’ll overlook the fact that I hate blue and green eyeshadow because I love a lot about this eyeshadow palette.

This is a $12 and you wouldn’t know it based on the formula. The mattes are very nice and blendable, the shimmers are pigmented and lovely. Aside from blue and green, the other shades are all wearable and lend themselves to creating a variety of looks.

I love that it includes a soft champagne gold, matte pale pink, matte black for using as liner or smoking out looks, a pale white gold and my favorite of all, the matte berry. It’s so fun and good. I’m wearing it in the photo below.

The blue and green could be used on the lower lashline but you act with caution, ok?
The included brush might look silly but it’s honestly pretty functional too! Do I recommend the ? Yes, you bet. It’s such a fun steal at $12. I just love a fiery hot pink like this. The formula is definitely ultra matte though. It’s so matte, that it feels like the desert on the lips. I’ll show you an iPhone car pic and maybe you can see what I mean Do I recommend it? I like the color, I don’t like the formula. No can do. Also, are you sensing a theme that I basically live in my car? This time of year, I basically do.

I was real jazzed to see this because I already loved the e.l.f. Lip Oils. They’re awesome so I was happy to get another one. Until I saw the color on myself. Ick. Return to sender. Do I recommend it? Opposite of the liquid lipstick, I love the formula, sdon’t like the color. If you have a cool undertone, you might look better in this than I did.

The bag is so cute but I can’t tell you how much it holds because I will literally never be able to open it. The fabric is stuck in the zipper and when I had my husband try to get it unstuck, he ripped the tassel off and I scolded him. So it sits in my makeup room now, the tassel sitting sadly next to it, never to be used. So, guess I can’t recommend that one!

Overall Thoughts
The eyeshadow palette is worth it for sure. The liquid lipstick is too dry, the lip oil is great but not a good color for and I couldn’t open that damn bag so we’ll never know.

If you’re hoping to check out the collection, it’s limited edition so see if your local Target has it or shop the for the best deal because you can get 15% cash back with eBates right now.

Product provided for review purposes. No financial compensation was received. Post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Rhonda

    05/09/2018 at 11:21 PM

    When I have a dry lipstick I use an organic chapstick underneath and on top to give it some moisture and shine. Love that pink!

    1. Ivy Boyd

      05/09/2018 at 11:22 PM

      Thank you for the tip and for reading!

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