The new clean beauty brand you need to know-True + Luscious

Clean beauty fans; you’re going to want to keep reading. I’m very grateful to have received these products from True + Luscious, a new clean beauty brand with a small but mighty product line. I’ve really loved trying these products and I’m going to give you the full, real-deal scoop on them.

True + Luscious manages to check multiple, impressive clean beauty boxes:

  • Cruelty free
  • 100% vegan
  • Leaping Bunny certified
  • Paraben free
  • Gluten free
  • Female founded
  • US-based-Los Angeles
  • Free of talc, sulphates, pthalates, SLS, hormone disruptors, carbon black, mineral oil

Are you getting the super clean beauty vibe? You’re correct there.

If you’re also getting the vibe the products will also be low pigment/low performance, now that’s where you’d be wrong.

Lucky Glow Bronze and Highlight Palette

The Lucky Glow palette contains 6 talc-free, pressed powder products:
2 highlighters-yellow and pink based, 2 matte bronzers-yellow and pink based, and the wildcard shade Triple Sevens, which is a sparkly, holographic powder.

The powders are super silky and the formula feels very high quality. Like some of the best powder products, this particular True + Luscious product is made in Italy.

I have used this palette both on my face and lids, making it not only flattering but multi-purpose and versatile.

It retails for $46 but the pan sizes are very large so it’ll last forever and it does have a large mirror inside.

Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer

This eyeshadow primer had big shoes to fill. I only use and love one primer on me and my client’s eyelids and that is . I was very excited to see this eyeshadow primer came in 3 shades!

I love using tinted primers like the Urban Decay one to cancel out redness and veins on the eyelid prior to eyeshadow. I personally see no point in the clear eyeshadow primers really.

Angel Eyes vs. Urban Decay Primer Potion

I am shocked to report that I like this just as well as the . I know; I know! I actually prefer the packing of Angel Eyes and while they are both 10mL, you’ll almost certainly be able to get more out of the True + Luscious squeeze tube.

I also find that you can use far less primer on your lids, compared to the Urban Decay one. Less is more here.

I did a wear test with Primer Potion on one lid, Angel Eyes on the other and the wear was identical as far as I can tell.

Angel Eyes retails for $22, which is actually $2 cheaper than Urban Decay’s. I’d happily go for this one.

Super Moisture Lipstick

I was surprised to see the range of lip colors from a clean beauty brand as I’ve been told clean lip color is hard to formulate. The name Super Moisture Lipstick is fitting as it feels very hydrating, almost balm-like.

This isn’t a long-wearing formula by any means, nor is it marketed to be. You’ll definitely need to reapply throughout the day.

I notice some of the shades have shimmer in them, but all of the colors I choose do not. I personally don’t like shimmer in my lip color so I was glad to see plenty of matte options.

The range is mostly all very natural, wearable shades, with lots of good bridal pinky nudes in the bunch. I’d recommend Honeydew if you’re looking for a true nude, Just Peachy if you’re more of a peach than a pink girl, Wild Rose for a fun bold, magenta and Vintage Rose if you like a mid-tone mauve.

At $22, this is a nice, clean formula for a product that you will inevitably ingest over time.

Flowerdose Lip & Eye Serum

I love using this serum on the under eye, as it gives an instant, firming, cooling effect. It lays perfectly under concealer-no pilling, no weirdness.

On the lips, it feels a little odd being that it’s a serum formula, not a balm. I’ve found Flowerdose serum works best when applied to and around the lip line but I still top with a balm. Being that it has hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that draws moisture to the skin, this is actually a great 2-step hydration method.

I was curious about the inclusion of orchid stem cells and upon further reading, found that studies have shown that these stem cells are able to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin! Um, ok!

The syringe-esque applicator is super smart. You twist the bottom and push up on the bottom, like a push-pop, to dispense the proper amount. I love airless packaing like this.

Flowerdose serum retails for $34 and I’d recommend it more for the under eye area than the lips. If the orchid stem cells are legit, $34 seems like a pretty great price.

Spellbinder Makeup Setting Spray

While the formula may be nice, the packaging is the biggest flaw. This does not spray out in a fine, gentle mist, but rather like a firehose to the face. It’s very aggressive and I’d love to try this with a different nozzle.

This retails for $29 but I really can’t recommend it as the spray makes me wince every time and leaves my face drenched.

Overall Thoughts

I’m extremely impressed with True + Luscious. With only a few minor missteps, this is one of the very best clean beauty brands in the game right now.

I was most impressed with Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Primer and have since added it to my freelance kit.

The only product I don’t recommend is the Spellbinder Setting Spray due to the problematic spray nozzle.

Products provided for review purposes. No compensation was received nor was a positive review encouraged. Post contains affiliate links.

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