Col-Lab Bright Spark Foundation

Do you ever try a new product, really like it, and for some strange reason, never tell anyone about it?

Yep, me too. So here we are.

I owe it to you to tell you about . This radiant finish retails for $15 and can be purchased at .

The Col-Lab line was created with 8 beauty influencers, many that I’ve watched for a long time now and respect their opinions.

Formula 8/10
I can see why I love this foundation because it’s loaded up with silicones, 7 of ’em! If you avoid silicone, it’s not the foundation for you. I don’t have any issues with it and find most of the foundations that make my skin look better and less textured contain it. It also contains glycerin, which can help bind moisture to the skin.

Shade 6/10
I have the second to lightest shade, 02 Ivory. With only 10 shades currently available, that is an area where the line is lacking. I hope to see more soon but I am very appreciative of the true yellow undertone in my shade.

Coverage 9/10
I would consider this to be medium coverage. I have post-blemish marks and melasma hyper pigmentation that I’m always seeking to cover entirely and I find this does the job while still looking healthy. If you’d like to see an example of the coverage, this video on my IGTV will show you!

Finish 9/10
This radiant foundation offers satiny coverage without looking shimmery or shiny. It has a slight dewiness and feels like it never quite dries down completely, which I sorta like?? If you’re an oily girl or someone who likes a matte finish, Col-lab also has , which appears to come in far more shades. I might try that one next.

Wear 8/10
I find the wear time of this average, but keep in mind it doesn’t claim to be exceptionally long wearing either. With my dry skin, longevity depends heavily on my skincare prep. I did not find that this oxidized at all on me.

Packaging 10/10
I love that this is housed in a glass bottle, always love a pump and like that it’s a geometric shape that stands out in a sea of cylindrical bottles and squeeze tubes.

Value 9/10
For $15, I find this to be a really great foundation that is easy to work with and looks more expensive on. I also find the packaging to be very high end looking for the price.OVERALL SCORE: 83%

Here’s an example of how to looks on.
As you can see, the hyperpigmentation on my forehead is still visible so that should give you a good idea of the coverage level.

What I liked

  • Finish
  • Coverage
  • Yellow undertone shade
  • Texture
  • Packaging: love the glass bottle and pump.
What I didn’t
  • Unacceptably limited shade range
  • I would always take more coverage
  • Once you open it and peel the seal sticker off, there is no way to know what shade you have.
Do I recommend ?
Yes, I do. I think this is a really nice foundation at a mid-range price point. I find it makes my skin look better, by evening both discoloration and texture.

I hope this post has been helpful if you’ve been considering the . Thanks for reading!

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