Color Correction

I know you’ve seen those easter egg colored concealers and primers and thought to yourself, what the HAIL am I supposed to do with that? Well, we’re going to kick it with the color wheel here and talk about neutralization! When 2 colors opposite on the color wheel are placed on top of one another, they cancel each other out! I wrote about this more in depth as well as suggested the best products to achieve this over on Divine Caroline.


Here’s a handy dandy lil chart too. Because I love you and because I like pastel colors. And because Easter is coming and it’s Friday and the sun is shining.

Thank you so much for the overwhelmingly kind response to my Allure Beauty Blogger announcement this week. I appreciate that as much as a heart can. You guys are really so awesome to me.
Oh, and this weekend, if you’re on Instagram, check out @DivineCarolineTeam where I’ll be taking over! Expect much makeup. You know how I do. <3


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