Copper Smoky Eye


Jen is a singer/songwriter from Ames, IA and she is currently recording her new album. Jen and I concepted together about what type of makeup look would photograph best for her album shoot and best convey a dramatic, wild look. I knew a sooty, super smoky eye would be appropriate but also with lightness within.

I am in love with Pat McGrath’s work and her work from a recent Prada show was exactly what spoke wildfire to me. Let me just go on a quick, creepy fan rant here. I remember watching podcasts with Pat McGrath doing runway makeup all the way back in 2007. I could watch that stuff for days. Not only does Pat do some of the most innovative and boundry-pushing makeup, but what I love best? She has no formal makeup training but an art degree like me! 🙂

Ok, so back to this. I wanted to bring a burning ember look to the eyes. I imagined a charcoal brisquette once it has stopped burning but still has the orange glowing within.


Here is what we came up with for Jen. I used the following products to create my own version of wildfire eyes:



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