CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara Review

I feel like beauty brands are trying to out-gimmick each other. This is especially true when it comes to mascara. Promises of volume that’s colossal, length that’s outrageous and 40,000 times the lashes! CoverGirl has a new player in the game, The Super Sizer, promising 400% fuller lashes. Does it deliver or does it just talk a big talk? Read on…


The wand, ahem, the “lash styler” is slim with bristles made from spiky plastic vs. fibers. I prefer this style of wand so I had high hopes from the start. The formula itself is a rich black and the wand doesn’t appear to be loaded with product when pulled from the tube. Again, high hopes. I suspect that Benefit’s Roller Lash served as inspiration perhaps?
So here are my bare lashes. I’ve curled them a little but otherwise, bare naked.
Now behold my lashes after applying 2 coats of CoverGirl The Super Sizer.
No doubt my lashes are longer and definitely thicker.
Before, sans mascara…
After, 2 coats on top and one on bottom lashes.

The instructions advise you to use the flat part of the wand to “drench” lashes in mascara and then roll the wand upwards to distribute. Call me lazy but I don’t think I should have to roll and do all this wrist action for something to work properly. This wand does indeed drench your lashes. They become so coated in mascara, in fact, that they stick together. I love feathery separation in a mascara and there is none of that here sadly. While it does make lashes dramatic and much more prominent, the lashes themselves aren’t pretty, or at least not for my taste.

When deciding whether or not I’ll recommend a product, I imagine my response to one of my closest friends texting me, as they often do, from the aisles of Target or Sephora, “what’s a good drugstore mascara you like? Need something new!” I would not text back CoverGirl The Super Sizer.

If you want to try a great CoverGirl mascara, LashBlast Fusion was a huge fave of mine years ago as well as their Professional Super Thick Lash.


  1. Judy Hall

    05/13/2015 at 3:19 PM

    I agree with you Ivy, you have gorgeous lashes to begin with and the super sizer mascara does nothing to enhance them, they look like stuck together spikes and your lashes never look that way. Do you think there is a real difference between high end and low end mascara? So far, I’ve had no luch with any drug store mascaras, even the highly touted Maybelline Great Lash. I’ve pitched more tubes of mascara than I care to admit. My favorite forever and ever was MAC’s Plush Mascara and now it is disc.! I always got compliments on my lashes when I wore that and it brushed on beautiful with no clumps and great separation. Since then, I’ve been floating from one brand to another trying to find one that was just like that. I’m having zero luck. All of the mascaras I’ve tried give me spikey looking lashes.

    1. Ivy Boyd

      05/13/2015 at 3:52 PM

      I know, right?! Loreal is the only drugstore brand that I feel makes great mascaras. Loreal’s classic Voluminous is always a safe bet. I hated Maybelline Great Lash and only like Maybelline’s Lash Discovery for my lower lashes. For high-end, I like Benefit’s They’re Real but it’s not a buildable one, Too Faced Better Than Sex, Smashbox Full Exposure and Korres Volcanic Minerals. Thanks for reading Miss Judy!

  2. Candice

    10/22/2015 at 3:01 AM

    Love the Covergirls Supersizer mascara it gives you intense volume and beautiful lashes

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