Covering Dark Circles

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Dark circles are a common issue that many of us seek to destroy and conquer. When I was in me early 20’s, I never used under eye concealer. Now that I am the wise old age of 29, I use it on the daily. When you think about what causes dark circles, it’s really quite gross.
Dark circles are caused by blood vessels showing through the skin. As you age, the delicate under eye skin thins and these blood vessels become more visible. Anemia and fatigue can cause dark circles to be more prominent as a result of paler skin making the blood vessels darker and more visible.

Minor dark circles can be camoflouged with a nice opaque concealer. However, if your dark circles are darker than dark, or you’ve noticed your concealer just not getting the job done anymore, you need to hit em with a 1-2 punch. Mama said knock you out, and don’t you worry LL, I will.
Corrector + concealer!

Depending on your skin tone, dark circles are either blue or purple in color. That color will determine your first course of action against them, a corrector.
What a corrector does is neutralize the tone of the dark circle, allowing your concealer to work better when placed on top and conceal more effectively.
When 2 colors that are opposite on the color wheel are placed on top of one another, the result is neutralization.
That art degree of mine sure is coming in handy 🙂

Purple circles=yellow corrector
Blue circles=orange/salmon corrector


I made a quick video to show you how a corrector works. I am using Benefit’s Perk-Up Artist trio. You know, the little compact with a pedophile on it.
Then of course, my favorite brightening concealer, Maybelline’s Dream Lumi.
If you have dark circles that are more blue in color, I would choose Benefit’s Erase Paste. You could also use the color marked “Cover” in Perk-Up Artist perhaps.

I hope this helps your dark circles to become, well, less dark! I enjoy your feedback and questions so feel free to comment and share.

Thank you for reading! xoxo

Covering Dark Circles from Ivy Boyd on Vimeo.



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    04/04/2013 at 10:31 PM

    Great Tutorials, Ivy!

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