Cozzette Review

There’s someone I want to introduce you to. His name is Roque Cozzette and his cosmetic and brush line is freaking bomb. I first met Roque (pronounced Rocky) at The Makeup Show Chicago.

I was enamored with his metallic shadows after swatching them and his vegan brush line after feeling them. Roque is a lovely and talented soul but also so knowledgable and supportive of other artists. I left The Makeup Show with some goods but quickly ordered more once I got home. I’ve been using them in my kit and I’m loving them.

The entire is 100% animal free and cruelty free, something that definitely helps me to sleep better at night. 

My eyebrow looks super dumb in the photo above. Not sure what was happening there.


The come in matte, velvet and crystal finishes. They utilize a new cosmetic called macro-pigments. I’ve replaced all of my loose shimmer eyeshadow pigments in my kit with the crystal shadows because they are truly out of this world. They apply smooth and rich, not chunky like some shimmers. The velvet shadows are silky smooth and pigmented too. I think I only have one matte which I haven’t played with much yet.

I put my into a Make Up For Ever metal palette.
Some of my favorite Cozzette eyeshadow colors are Shiva, Bliss and Halite. They are super unique shades that seem to flatter and bring light to any eye color.

Their are so gorgeous for adding a high-impact pop of shimmer to the lid. When packed on with a flat synthetic brush, or even patted on with your finger, they look like liquid, sparkling metal. When brushed on lighter, you see more of the shimmer particles.

I’ve been using on special event clients and for photoshoots and they are stunners every time. Roque Cozzette is a makeup artist and photographer himself so no surprise there! They’ll be putting out more matte colors and I’m really looking forward to trying those.


Clockwise from top: Citrine, Pyrite, Bliss, Shiva


Clockwise from top: Shift, Passion, Amaze, Vision.

Clockwise from top: Qwest, Allure, Relax

I also really love Cozzette’s line of . They are super soft, well made, attractive, comfortable in the hand and great at blending. The bristles are all synthetic and the hands are made of sustainable wood.

So far, the is a favorite as it blends and diffuses shadow in the crease and outer corner beautifully. I also love the for applying setting powder under the eye and highlighter on cheekbones. The is a nice brush for contour powders.

The beautiful Halite Infinite Eyeshadow is shown above. This is a beautiful pale, pink shimmer.

As if my love for Cozzette products couldn’t get any lustier, they recently came out with a that is baller status. Unlike Parian Spirit and the Japonesque Brush Cleaner, the  doesn’t smell like old oranges or like it would start your face on fire if you came into contact with a flame.

It smells like limoncello, dries super fast and sanitizes brushes quickly and pleasantly. Clients often comment on how nice the product smells when they’re really just smelling this brush cleaner.

Bottom Line
If you didn’t read the whole post and just skipped to here, I love and totally recommend their , brushes, vessels and sanitizing spray.

The owner is super nice, they offer a pro discount and their products are cruelty-free and vegan.💜

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