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This updated skincare favorites comes to you on the heels of some breaking news. An esthetician recently told me that I do not actually have dry skin, but instead, oily and dehydrated?! I’ve lived my whole life treating my skin as super dry.

This recent revelation has caused me to rethink my entire routine, thus shifting some of the products in my rotation. I’m happy to report that my skin has benefited from products that cater to a more dehydrated vs. dry type and I’m here to spread the good word.

Coral Velvet Washcloths

I give all credit to esthetician Aleisha Knight for these lovelies. We used them during a gua sha class she taught and she kindly dropped us the Amazon link. They are a unique fabric I’ve never quite felt before and very affordable. Pair these with a good balm or oil cleanser and you’ll actually look forward to taking your makeup off at night.

Hero Cosmetics Force Shield

I used this SPF up to the very last drop. Of all the SPFs in my rotation, this is the one I wanted to use most often. It laid perfectly under makeup and left no cast. I also love the pump packaging. Literally reordering now.

Skin&Co FOAM

I adore all SKIN&CO skincare but previously avoided this foaming cleanser, assuming it was for oily skin. Since reaching for this cleanser, my skin has been so happy and balanced. The lightweight foam breaks down oils and makeup really well and leaves skin feeling happy, but not stripped. Read more about my other SKIN&CO faves here.

BeautyStat Triple Action Daily Peel*

I recently had some updated headshots taken. I decided to use one of these peel pads per day in the 5 days leading up to the shoot. Dare I say my skin was looking downright luminous. I worried they might be drying but they are honestly just perfect. I love a pad for peel delivery system because they are too easy not to use.

The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Serum*

Affordable but highly effective skincare definitely exists via The Inkey List. This not only contains moisture attracting hyaluronic acid, but Matrixyl 3000™ Peptide which can promote collagen production. This lays beautifully under other skincare products and makeup alike. Just make sure to apply to a slightly damp face for the best results.

*gifted product

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  1. Mom

    01/19/2024 at 3:34 PM

    Your old mother desperately needs to fix HER dehydrated skin! I’ll take one of each! 🥰

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