Electrify your Skin with Currentbody Black Friday Deals

As a child, I remember having a Barbie doll. However, as embarrassing as this is, my favorite doll was actually Inspector Gadget. I’ve always been into techy stuff and gadgets and that hasn’t changed a bit. Now I just like to combine my love of technology with beauty and skincare.

proudly displaying my Inspector Gadget doll

Technology for your Skin

I’m a devoted user of both red LED light and microcurrent devices. I attribute regular use of my CurrentBody LED light devices and my ZIIP to not looking my age, which is 40 in a few weeks!

Red light helps to promote collagen production, thus softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. It’s also anti-inflammatory and can help speed healing.

Red light masks are especially easy to incorporate into your routine as most require you to simply close your eyes and lay still. I like to use my LED mask and ZIIP during some quiet, relaxation time before a nap or bed time.

Microcurrent and nanocurrent, technologies you’ll find in the ZIIP device, help to life and tone the muscles of the face. Nanocurrent specifically

If like me, and want to do something to soften/prevent the signs of aging, but like me, aren’t ready to jump into injectables, now is the time to up your device game.

CurrentBody has some great Black Friday deals to take advantage of if you’ve been considering adding some technology to your skincare routine.

How To SAVE 20%

Use code IVY to save 20% off all CurrentBody and ZIIP devices and bundles. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below.

currentbody LED mask and serum in silver special edition finish with bag

I already have the CurrentBody LED mask in white but I kinda wish I didn’t because I love this silver version. Plus, the bag it comes with is super chic too.

currentbody LED mask and ZIIP device side by side

If you want to do what I do, this is the duo you need. Harness both the powers of red light and micro and nanocurrent. These are my top 2 beauty devices to soften fine lines and wrinkles as well as lift the facial muscles.

currentbody LED eye perfector mask and dr harris sleep mask duo

If you work at a computer for hours, you know the eye strain is real. You might as well soften the crow’s feet while you do it with the CurrentBody LED Eye Perfector. I also cannot physically stay asleep without a sleep mask like this one. You’d be surprised how much light disturbances affect sleep quality. If you’re traveling for the holidays, you’ll be glad you have both of these.

ZIIP device and 3 gels

If you’re ready to get serious with a micro/nano current lifting routine, make sure you’re well stocked with gels. This ZIIP + gel trio will have you set for a lifted year ahead.

currentbody LED hand perfector

They says the best way to truly asses one’s age is to look at their hands. Lines and age spots accumulate quickly and hand care is so often ignored. Time to rest your paws in this LED Hand Perfector. I personally need red light’s anti-inflammatory powers for my tendonitis-inflicted wrists too!

currentbody LED mask LED lip and LED neck and dec tool

If you want red light on every inch of your face, neck and dec, this trio is where it’s at. The Lip Perfector looks like a light up binkie and prevents unnecessary snacking as a bonus. I like to wear mine while working at my desk.

Start your device journey with these CurrentBody Black Friday savings and incorporate them into regular self care/meditative time. You definitely won’t regret it. Make sure to take before photos so you can monitor your progress and let me know if you need any other recommendations in the comments. Happy shopping!

code IVY to save 20% off CurrentBody and ZIIP

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