December Favorites

I said I wouldn’t be doing a December favorites, in lieu of my yearly favorites, but I discovered some cool stuff lately and realized I would be sad if I didn’t tell you. I think you would be sad too.

After all, I’m in prime winter mode. Give me fuzzy socks. Exfoliate my dry skin. Brew me a cup of tea. You’ll notice a common, cozy theme in this month’s favorites.

Since my hair gets oily, but I’m simultaneously blessed with dry flakes, it helps to deep clean with a scalp scrub here and there. I’ve tried , which I liked, but dare I say, I like this one even more!

It has a cooling sensation that would be even more divine in summer and the scent in general smells downright edible. It leaves my scalp feeling clean, not stripped or dry and is easier to use than the .

Always looking for that perfect pinky nude lip color? Stop your search here and now wears well, looks good on nearly anyone and would make a perfect bridal or family photo lip color.

Skin Regimen Skincare
This is a new plant-based line from Italian haircare company, Davines. 
A core ingredient appears to be copaiba, a type of cannabinoid, similar to CBD. This not only gives it a cozy, comforting woodsy scent, but anti-inflammatory properties. 

So far, I’m loving how soothing and gentle the Skin Regimen products are and the textures make it a really enjoyable line to use. 

I got this in a special Dermstore for Target skincare set so I’ve just been using a mini version. I nearly peed myself when I saw the full size version’s price, so I do apologize for that. 

It has a wonderful lavender scent and though it’s a gritty, manual scrub, it doesn’t over exfoliate or irritate. Just make sure to use very gentle pressure. My makeup looks extra great when I exfoliate with this and follow with my usual skincare routine.

Non Beauty Faves

DenTek Mouthguard
Among my many attractive problems is teeth grinding and TMJ. My jaw pain is quite severe as I clench my jaw all day and grind my teeth all night. I’ve been wearing this mouthguard at night and I could tell a difference after the first night.

When I wake up, my jaw isn’t sore and though I may still be trying to grind in my sleep, my teeth don’t fit together seamlessly so I think it really might be preventing it. If nothing else, it’s protecting my teeth from further damage.

Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea
I’ve always wanted to try this special edition tea but every holiday season, I never get around to it. I finally found a box and I was far more impressed than I thought I’d be! The scent is really does smell like buttery shortbread! It’s pretty delicious and it actually does have a sugar cookie taste.

I put honey or agave nectar in it and it’s a healthy, night time treat. Tip: Use 2 tea bags as 1 is just a little too weak.

Hallmark movies
I literally never thought I would type this but I’ve been watching Hallmark movies, and a lot of them. Intrigued as to why people love these so much, I started watching for the first time ever.

I think I kinda get it now?! Hallmark movies are as wholesome and as idyllic as can be. They are comfortable, predictable and they always have a happy ending. I think we could all use a little bit of that in these crazy times.

Maybe it’s the Hallmark movies talking but I realized something this holiday season. You can make up your own holiday traditions. Maybe you don’t have any, or you think the ones you currently do are stupid. That’s ok. Make up new ones and give yourself something to look forward to next year.


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