Dermstore Sale Picks

is having their Friend & Family sale. Don’t worry; you don’t actually have to be friends or family. This sale means that you can score makeup and skincare products you’d normally never get a discount on for 20% off through 2/21. Use code FRIEND at checkout.

I’ve rounded up all my picks so you can just zone out and shop without thinking. I’ve reviewed most of these products and will link my reviews too. Now, put on your baggiest, most embarrassing t-shirt, your most gigantic sweatpants and that fill that wine glass because it’s time to shop the .

I don’t know the last time I fell this hard for a skincare product. The lactic acid has resurfaced my skin so beautifully and really does make it glow. My review.

The beautyblender revolutionized makeup application, and for good reason, giving airbrushed results. My review.

To be fair, I haven’t tried this, but I have read that it’s what I need for my dry, flaky scalp.

You’ll find this moisturizer/primer in almost every makeup artist’s kit, including my own.

Ready to get your roll on? You know I love mine for reducing puffiness, improving circulation and tone.

This is my favorite gel liner brush for it’s slim shape and synthetic bristles. I also like the long handle.

This mascara is so good and so underrated! My review.

This moisturizer acts as a primer with it’s medical grade silicone that improves the look of makeup. My review.

This is still the coolest chemical exfoliant I’ve ever tried. Dead skin literally rolls off your face. My review.

I’ve only used this a few times but I really dig it! You wake up with smoother, more even skin, and who can argue with that?

I hope you score some deals!

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