Easy Holiday Look with Q-tips

The holidays are festive and fun and all, but let’s be real-they are stressful as hail. This time of year, I’m looking for literally every shortcut possible. When it comes to my beauty routine during the holidays, give me some makeup wipes, multi-tasking products and lots and lots of Q-tips! Here’s an easy night out look for the holiday season that was made possible by Q-tip Precision Tips! You can’t go wrong with a smoky eye and stained lips that last through cocktail after cocktail. Cheers!



1.) Dip a Q-tip Precision Tip into a matte black shadow and place a wedge of shadow on the outer corner of the eye.


2.) Now grab a blending brush to soften it out and bring it into your crease.



3.) Grab another Q-tip Precision Tip and dip into your black shadow again. Smudge this along your top and lower lash line to create a soft line.


4.) Grab another Q-tip and dip into a little bit of makeup remover. Swipe this along the outer corner to create an angular shape to your shadow.


5.) Apply a line of liquid liner, winging it up at the end. Now grab another Q-tip dipped in makeup remover to perfect your wing.


6.) Now it’s time for false lashes! Grab another Q-tip Precision Tip and squeeze a dab of lash adhesive onto one end. Now carefully apply to your lash strip, wait about 45 seconds, then apply.



7.) Dip a Q-tip into a lip color that is a bit dark when worn full-strength. Now roll and press onto lips, creating a stained effect. The end of the Precision Q-tip is great for this because you can use the tip to line lips and really sharpen the shape.


All done! And you only got one measly makeup brush dirty! I love a disposable beauty tool like Precision Q-tips because you can clean up your mess super duper fast and get out the door to your cocktail party or gift exchange in no time!

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Thank you to [Q-tips] for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try a simple holiday look with Q-Tips Precision Tips!

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