5 Easy Makeup Tweaks to Make to Look Better

I could give you a 30 minute makeup tutorial. I’m a beauty chef of sorts and I could serve that right up.

But do you have 30 minutes to do your makeup tomorrow morning?
I bet most of you don’t. Even if you do, you’d probably rather spend most of that time sleeping. I would.

So instead, let’s talk about 5 easy, achievable makeup tweaks you can totally do, the next time you do your makeup, and look better for it.

I want to meet you where you are, give you things you can actually execute. You can totally do all 5 of these things. I believe in you and you should too.

Make Concealer Look More Natural

Instead of using a flat brush or your fingers to apply your under eye concealer, try a fluffy brush. Choose an eyeshadow brush , using small buffing motions and remember to back down the brush handle for a light, diffused effect. Make sure to look up and buff out the lash line area too.

Pro Tip

If you get a crease before setting with powder, instead of smoothing it with the brush, potentially adding more product, or adding oils via your fingers, use a pointed cotton swab and remove product just in the crease itself.

Switch up your eyeliner

If you usually wear back liner, try a dark brown. Dark brown is so underrated. I love that it stays warm when smudged out vs. black liner which often becomes gray. I love and Glossier Play’s Colorslide in Brack.

Glossier Play Colorslide in Brack

If you already wear dark brown or gray, first of all, don’t wear grey again. Try a deep plum or wine and Glossier Play’s Colorslide in Disaster Class are 2 of my absolute faves, especially for green/hazel eyes.

Glossier Play Colorslide in Disaster Class

Apply a Real Life Filter

As the last step in your makeup routine, lightly buff on a finishing powder, not a setting powder, for an instant soft focus filter. Concentrate on areas you have larger pores or fine lines only. For me, this is my cheeks and forehead. Over-applying a finishing powder can cause flashback in photos so save this for daytime events and use a light hand.

Make your bronzer work harder

Add a little of to the crease of your eye for a more balanced look. It just pulls everything together and makes your look feel intentional. I strongly suggest you do this with a matte bronzer, not shimmery.

I also love a wash of matte bronzer applied all over the lid and into the crease for an effortless, natural but enhanced look.

Get Lit From Within

Apply a liquid or cream highlighter on the high points of your face, under your foundation for a lit-from-within glow. This is really great for minimizing texture since the highlighter isn’t sitting on top of your peach fuzz, wrinkles, pores, etc.

Glossier Niteshine

I like to do this with the Glossier Play Niteshine.

I hope this blog post inspires you to try something new, do something different. Just try it and see how you feel. That’s all I ask really.

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