Easy Updo

Holy balls you guys. I followed a hair tutorial and did my hair. Many of you might wonder why that would be groundbreaking, but for me? Someone who is a chronic air-drier, non-hair-brusher? This is major! I don’t pay much attention to hair tutorials, assuming they’ll be too complicated for me to replicate or that I simply have too much hair to do so in a reasonable amount of time. For some reason though, when I saw this from Melissa Cook on Latest-Hairstyles.com, I felt motivated to try.

I am so glad I did! Of course I couldn’t totally follow the directions though and I had to modify it slightly to make it my own. I’ll tell you how I switched up this easy updo to work better for my lazy self. Oh, and I didn’t want to Photoshop out any of my crazy gray hairs poking out because I just wanted to show you the real deal. I have some gray hair and life goes on.


The directions indicate you create fish tail braids but I just did 2 regular ones for the sake of time and pulled them a part a bit to make them fatter. You are supposed to use a donut bun, but the only one I have is HUGE so I made a ponytail, divided it in half and twisted the 2 sections together loosely. I then just wrapped this around on itself and pinned it into a bun.


Now that I know it’s possible to follow a tutorial and like the results, I’ll definitely be checking out Melissa’s others! It’s really quite amazing to me what a difference it makes in your mood just taking a few extra minutes to do your hair in addition to your makeup!

On a hair-related note, I made the Top 5 for Blo’s Beauty Blogger Awards! Thank you guys for voting and getting me here! Keep voting for me in the Up & Coming category if you please!


  1. Zala Clip in extensions

    08/24/2021 at 5:34 AM

    This is so pretty and you make it seem so simple. Thanks for the tutorial!

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