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If you’ve followed me long enough, you might know that I used to be an avid runner. I used to work an 8-5-ish job and would run after work, in full makeup, like an idiot. While I no longer run, and my body shows it, I also no longer work out in makeup, and my skin show it, for the better. I’ve been thinking about that lately while trying out the new e.l.f. Active line.

At first glance, the line made me roll my eyes a little. I thought, ok, special exercise makeup? Has the Lululemon athleisure trend really spilled over to makeup too? However, I put it to the test, both during some sweaty ping pong matches with my husband and everyday life running around and I’ve got a few faves in the bunch. There is one standout product I absolutely love so read on to find out which one it is.

Workout Ready Lip & Cheek Palette
This product blew me away. It’s my absolute favorite in the e.l.f. Active line and honestly one of the most standout products I’ve tried lately. Here’s what I love about it and why I think you need it too.

  • Formula: These are wax-based creams which makes for smooth, skin-like finishes and seamless blending. They are not so emollient that they feel sticky and greasy. The texture is just right.
  • Shades: Aside from the highlighter, the rest are matte and flattering on many skin tones. The bronze is too warm for contouring but great for the lids (especially on blue or green eyes) and warming up the skin. The peach and berry shades are great on cheeks or lips. The highlighter is a nice white gold that isn’t too shimmery or texture-enhancing.
  • Value: It’s a complete steal at $8. It’s a full face of color for 8 bones.

I just love this and I’ve been reaching for it a lot. I use the bronze on my lids, the highlighter on my usual highlight points, the peachy shade on my cheeks and the berry on my lips. Watch my little Instagram quickie tutorial below to see how.

Post-Workout Cool Down Mist
This is nice and refreshing, but nothing special either. The ingredients are fairly basic and simple but it does contain contain fragrance.

Post-Workout Cleansing Body Wipes
These would actually be perfect for after a workout because they leave no residue but don’t sting. Wiping the back of your neck, chest and of course them pitties would help remove sweat after a lunch hour workout. Sweat Resistant Mascara
I found this really lasted without flaking and was a rich black. It made my lashes a smidge clumped together maybe, but overall, I think it’s nice.

Brow Gel
This was a bit weak for my brows. I have a lot of brow though. I much prefer the Glossier Boy Brow in Clear

Hydration Stick
This is really the only product that underwhelmed me. I’m not sure you’d really want to moisturize all that much before working out and aftwerards, I’d only want to do it after showering. It has a bit of a cooling sensation but it’s sticky. Not a fan.

Overall Thoughts
I think several of these products would be great to combine into a fitness-themed bundle gift. If someone is getting back into working out, and we all know that’s hard as hell, these are fun little motivator treats. Workouts aside, the Workout Ready Lip and Cheek Palette is so great that everyone needs it; not just fitness buffs.

As of right now, the e.l.f. Active line is only available on their site but will launch in stores in January, just in time for all our well-intentioned resolutions.







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    12/18/2017 at 7:30 AM

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