Ever Makeup Review

When it comes to my freelance kit, I’m pretty old school, tried and true. I don’t shake it up much because I know what works, what lasts and what photographs well.

However, on the blogger side of my life, I’m all about trying new things. If there’s something (cruelty-free of course) that I haven’t tried yet? Lemme at it, sisters and misters.

So when rep Erica Janulewicz asked if I wanted to try out a brand called Ever, I was in. I’d seen a makeup artist I love following on Instagram, Jamie Greenberg, talk about Ever so it was worth a go.

What I Tried

All of the items shown about can be purchased as a set called the Color Quickie Collection for a very affordable $99, btw. You can choose 1 of 2 palettes and what shade of lip gloss you want.

Lavish Body Butter
Most importantly, this legit smells like a dreamsicle and I love the scent. It has that super thick texture that I am quite into and the hydration really lasts. I would purchase this because I look forward to using it for the scent alone. Yep, thinking about it right now.


Lemon Sugar Body Scrub
The scent reminds me of DoTerra’s Purify, for those familiar. Though I really like the consistency, given that it’s somewhat gelatinous, I don’t love the scent, but don’t find it offensive either. I still prefer Trader Joe’s Lavender Sea Salt Scrub to this as it has a similar texture but a scent I like better.

Elegant & Empowered Out the Door Palette
Ok, first of all the packaging is lovely and feels very luxe. It actually reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury. The pans have their intended purposes and order of application embossed into them but I never follow the included instructions or suggested order.

Here are my takeaways:
  • I love the bronzer and I don’t even wear bronzer on the reg. I think it’s my favorite product in the palette!
  • The highlight is great and an ideal shade for many skin tones. It looks darker/peachier in the pan than it really is.
  • The peachy pink blush is also a flattering shade that works well on a variety of skin tones. It isn’t too shimmery which I really appreciate.
  • The eyeshadows are nice colors and have far more pigment than I expected. They are talc-free FYI.
  • All of the shadows are what I’d describe as a satin or pearl finish, meaning there’s a subtle sheen to them. I would prefer no satin finish on at least 1 of the eyeshadows as I see sparkles in direct sunlight for sure.

With this palette, I can create a pretty, daytime smoky eye. I will list what shades I used where on my eyes below the photos, because of course I broke their rules a bit 😉 Look at that smug face, hehehe.

Eye Look

  • Bronzer in crease
  • Shadow 1 inner corner
  • Shadow 2 all over lid
  • Shadow 3 in outer corner and outer crease, applied wet as liner and along lower lash line
  • Highlighter pressed on center and inner corner of eye

Whiplash Mascara
I like this. The brush style kind of reminds me of . I experienced no flakes or smudges and it’s not too wet. At $25, the Ever Whiplash Mascara falls in prestige mascara price range and though I’m not totally convinced it belongs there, I do enjoy it.It’s a gluten-free, hypoallergenic mascara that has natural fibers to lengthen and build lashes so would be worth a go if that’s something you’re looking for.
The shade Rose’ Nude is more peachy than I thought, based on the name alone. However, I love peach lip colors. The shade is a little too light for me right now but makes for a pretty nude lip topper. I love the peppermint scent which is my preferred scent for a lip product.

This gloss feels nice on, no stickiness or thickness. Packaging wise, I had some issues with the wiper detaching. I’d like to try deeper shades.

Do I recommend Ever products?

Yes, I do. I have to say; I was pleasantly surprised by the Ever products. I was expecting Beautycounter-like eyeshadow pigmentation and these over-delivered. Granted, I wasn’t wowed by the shadows, but for consumers, I think they’re easy to work with and blend. If they were matte, I’d like them even more.

The mascara and gloss are very nice and the cheek colors were smooth and flattering with no blending issues.I really love  the streamlined ease of the Color Quickie Kit and Ever is smart to simplify routines with these palettes. If someone asks you to try Ever, you should. If no one has asked, contact Erica and she’d be happy to show you the ropes.

Thanks for reading, as always!

Product provided for possible review. No financial compensation was received and post does not contain affiliate links.

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